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Harry Freedman – Ghostwriter

I am a best selling non-fiction author & ghost writer. I have ghost written & edited for politicians, doctors, business leaders & academics.


I am an experienced ghostwriter and best selling non-fiction author. I turn great ideas into fascinating, readable books. My style is brisk, informative and readable. I will work with you to produce a work you can be proud of, one that people will want to read. I can write the book for you, or development edit what you have written, giving you advice, guidance and feedback to maximise your chances of getting your book published.

I am professional and focused in my work. I will only take on a project if I believe I can add value and create something exciting and interesting. I will be happy to discuss your project with you, to hear how you envisage your book and to work out with you the best possible way of presenting your ideas.

My published books are about History, Culture, Religion and Ideas. They are published in London and New York by Bloomsbury, Harry Potter's publishers.

My fees are based on the length of the book and the amount of work involved. I will give you a carefully tailored quote once we have agreed what you want me to do.

I also offer an editorial revision service, to review and advise on a book you are writing. I will provide you with a full report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, areas where I feel it can be improved and specific guidance and suggestions on how to improve those areas that need improvement.

The secret of good book writing is to tell an interesting story, no matter what the subject matter. My approach is to research and gather information from as many sources as possible, both written and word of mouth, and turn it into easy to read factual accounts that will hold your attention like a well written story. You can view my recent webinar on The Art of Story Telling in Non-Fiction on the Reedsy You Tube channel.

Please take a look at some of the things reviewers say about my work:

* Freedman's style of presentations is never tedious:- Times Literary Supplement

* Freedman writes with evocative brio:- Wall Street Journal

* Masterful and engaging :- Publishers Weekly

* Scholarly and entertaining:- Spectator

* A complex and important story told in clear, non-academic language:- Historical Novels Review

I hope this has given you an idea of what I can do for you. If you would like to find out more please invite me to bid on your project and we can plan out what you need, in detail. I look forward to hearing from you.

Biographies & Memoirs Education & Reference History Judaism Philosophy Writing & Publishing
English (UK)

Work experience


Jan, 2010 — Present

Writing non-fiction books for commercial publication. Current publisher ﹰBloomsbury


The Talmud's 37 volumes, the foundation of the Jewish legal system, record esoteric discussions among ancient Jewish scholars and sages on subjects as varied as faith, sex, prayer and humour. This 'biography' focuses on the later influence of the Talmud when i... read more
The gospel writers were masters of 'Midrash', a popular literary technique in the ancient Jewish world. Midrash enables authors to promote their ideas by weaving them into well known biblical themes. The gospels contain coded, midrashic, messages that would ha... read more
Levi is a young priest in Roman occupied Jerusalem. A disgruntled guest at his wedding to Nechama informs the Roman procurator that the bride’s wealthy father is plotting a rebellion. Levi and Nechama are taken captive and sent in chains to Rome.Whilst working... read more

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Arthur K.

Arthur K.

Apr, 2020

Absolutely fantastic. Very professional, combined with deep knowledge and compelling writing made for an unbeatable combination.
Dave B.

Dave B.

Sep, 2019

We’re beyond thrilled with Mr. Freedman's work as a professional writer. He’s very collaborative, easy-to-work with and adds tremendous value to the project and story-telling given his experience and accomplished book publications. We highly recommend Mr. Freedman for your next project!
Harry F.
Dave is a perfect client. The information he supplies is relevant, detailed and informative. He communicates regularly, responds promptly and is supportive in every way.

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