Grace Kerina

Grace Kerina – Editor

Editorial Assessments and Writing Coaching. I've worked with 100+ nonfiction authors.


Congratulations! You’ve written a draft! Whew. Now you’d like some guidance, because you have questions...

Which parts of what you wrote work well? Which parts might confuse your readers? What are your special talents as an author? What are the most important issues to focus on next? Are you writing from your true self?

My specialties are diagnosing writing projects with compassion in an editorial assessment, and coaching writers.

In an editorial assessment I provide specific steps for completion—a skill developed over years of collaboration with more than a hundred nonfiction self-help authors. If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll read your draft to identify what you do best as a writer (so you can capitalize on that) and give you a strategic plan for what remains to be done. You’ll receive a report with kudos, feedback, and suggestions for the project as a whole, plus more detailed feedback at the chapter level. If you’ve written a complete draft (meaning your draft has all the main content included) and you’ve read that draft from start to finish, I welcome you to request a quote for an editorial assessment.

As a writing coach, I help authors claim their voice and find their own true path. I'm not a traditional writing coach. I work with creatives who want to bring more intuition and self-love into their author journeys. If you want to talk about your path as a writer, I welcome you to request a quote for a coaching call (you can use the Editorial Assessment service option).

What I offer:
> Editorial Assessments – I look over your manuscript and give you a solid plan for moving forward and finishing (with a prioritized checklist): US$975 + Reedsy fees
> 60-Minute Calls – If you feel uncertain about your path as a writer but are ready to claim your true voice, or if you don't feel like you're on a clear path with your writing project, this is a good option. US$250 + Reedsy fees

Releasing your writing into the world can be daunting. I provide a steadying hand to minimize stumbles and raise your confidence as your true and wonderful self.


"Grace's peaceful presence has allowed me to do what I do best. She brings her understanding of the work as a whole and her curiosity and questions."
—Sarah Seidelmann, author of multiple books, including BORN TO FREAK

“Grace is a joy to work with. Her simple yet profound ideas made my book dramatically better.”
—Charles Joseph McClain, author of ZEN AND THE ART OF FACILITY MAINTENANCE

“My editor, Grace, brought her talent, sensitivity, and firm grasp of her trade, which are beautifully balanced in a powerfully professional collaborator.”
—Pam Prior, author of YOUR FIRST CFO

“The amount of value you added to the book has been significant at every stage.”
—Kevin Snook, author of MAKE IT RIGHT
Biographies & Memoirs LGBTQ Non-Fiction Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (US)

Work experience


Sep, 2010 — Present

I diagnose manuscripts and provide compassionate support for finishing. In one-on-one phone calls, I coach authors to write more like themselves and reach their writing goals. For selected clients, services also include additional types of editing.

The Author Incubator

Jan, 2015 — Sep, 2017 (over 2 years)

As a managing editor, I brought more than ten years of writing, editing, and coaching experience to my role of helping authors through the multi-week process of publishing their book, beginning with a draft manuscript and ending with a published ebook. My responsibilities included facilitating timelines and helping authors meet deadlines regarding developing, writing, and publishing their books.

As senior managing editor, in addition to managing editor responsibilities, I trained managing editors and taught writing skills to authors.

As publisher, I managed the editorial staff and facilitated the publishing process.

As a freelance editor, I conducted editorial assessments of manuscripts.


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Janet H.

Janet H.

Jun, 2022

I am a first-time author. I interviewed a few finalists for my need of an editorial assessment. While I think they all would have been great, Grace's authentic voice and enthusiasm came through on the call. Grace delivered the report on schedule. Her report was clearly structured. She wisely started with "what worked" in the book - calming my nerves as I read the assessment. She offered struc...
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Mark F.

Mark F.

May, 2020

Grace is true as advertised. She is warm and insightful. As a first time author, she was the right choice to engage first to help build up my confidence while helping to guide me and my manuscript to the next level. I would particularly urge first time authors to consider using Grace.
Mark F.

Mark F.

Feb, 2020

Grace is warm and insightful. As a first time author, this combination was exactly what I needed. Her Editorial Assessment provided me both a big picture of overarching changes I could make to better my book and specific chapter recommendations. I appreciate that she pointed out my unique strengths as a writer and commented on portions she felt really well written. I could see immediately how i...
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Joyce K.

Joyce K.

Feb, 2020

Grace's editorial assessment is invaluable in helping me move forward with publication of my book. She shared what resonated and what required help - conceptually, technically - in all ways. I cannot wait to incorporate her comments. I have so much more confidence in getting this book to completion thanks to Grace's review. I am so grateful!

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