Jessie Glenn

Jessie Glenn – Publicist

Focus: Fiction/CNF/Memoir. I am only accepting traditional large and medium press books with 3 months to a year advance time to release.


I started my publicity company in January of 2005 and have established relationships with a wide range of media outlets including radio, television and print media. My staff and I work to create and implement publicity campaigns that are personalized to each book release.

A writer with my own clips in NYT, WaPo, Toronto Star, Salon, NPR and elsewhere, I have also taught book publicity for the Masters in Publishing graduate degree at Portland State University.


Derek Milman, author of Scream All Night (Harper), "My decision to work with Mindbuck Media was one of the best I've made in publishing: smart, effective, connected, communicative, funny, generous, and approachable, the MB team built a brilliantly specific campaign for my debut novel, and put it into action with a sharp, laser-guided focus. They accomplished a great deal, and along the way were never shy about explaining things, shifting an approach, and evolving the campaign as we all marched towards pub day. I can't possibly say enough great things about these ladies. They were phenomenal to work with, and I'd hire them again in a heartbeat--and do in fact plan to do so. Highly recommend!"

Marti Green, author of The Good Twin (Thomas and Mercer), "The Good Twin, a psychological thriller, was my sixth published book, and the first stand-alone. My previous books, all part of a legal thriller series, had sold well, but sales had begun to lag. I wanted The Good Twin to roll out with a bang, and that’s just what I got with the help of Jessica Glenn and Rebecca Kelley. They worked tirelessly to get advance copies in front of reviewers, and the positive reviews I received pre-publication helped drive record sales in the first month following its publication. I highly recommend Mindbuck Media and look forward to working with Jessica and Rebecca on future books.".

Viva Las Vegas (Liv Osthus), Magic Gardens and The Gospel According to Viva Las Vegas: MindBuck Media was essential in brokering the connections that made my publishing venture a success. Jessica is brilliant and professional, yet so very easy to talk to. She always puts in the extra hour and goes the extra mile, and she makes the tough stuff seem easy. I highly recommend her services."

Katey Schultz, Flashes of War (Military Writers, Book of the Year) "It was both a privilege and an education working with Jessica Glenn, who I hired as the publicist for my debut collection of short stories. Her prompt responses to emails, innovative (and affordable) marketing tips, suggestions for social media use, and go-get-'em determination undoubtedly got my book in front of hundreds of people who otherwise would not have seen or heard of it.

Ellee Thalheimer, Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Washington. Creativity is the superpower of Mindbuck Media and what seals the deal is their follow-through. The media coverage my book received as a result of their work really made a difference.

Marcia Johnston, Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them) (Winner, IRDA non-fiction award): "Little did I know how lucky I was the day the name Jessica Glenn jumped out at me next to the intriguing term 'book shepherd.' I can't imagine where my book would be today without her expertise and encouragement--certainly not in the top rankings of both its Amazon categories, where it appeared within days of its launch.

Kate Scott, Counting to D: I found the MindBuck Media staff to be helpful and professional. They personalize their approach for every project and meet the needs of the author as an individual. I would definitely recommend MindBuck for authors looking to add publicity and public relations professionals to their team.

Timothy Jay Smith, A Vision of Angels, Cooper's Promise: Jessica Glenn (Mindbuck Media) immediately put me straight about everything I thought I knew about publicizing a book and didn't have a clue. She knows her business. Eventually we worked where I begged bloggers to review my books while she did the real value-added stuff: getting me nationally-syndicated reviews, radio spots, and readings. You just have to Google me and see what Jessica did for me in terms of market positioning. - Timothy Jay Smith
Biographies & Memoirs
LGBTQ Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult

Work experience

Portland State University

Sep, 2017 — Present

I'm an adjunct professor teaching one term/year of book publicity to students in the MFA Publishing program at Portland State University.


Jan, 2005 — Present

I put together book release campaigns, social media campaigns, book tours, events and general book publicity. I project manage author website development and book trailers.


43 Wine Regions , A Guide to Exploring Wine

Silicon Valley Hacks the Wine Industry -- Do Algorithms Taste Better than Pinot? Michael Biddick explains: Depends on where. Blowing contemporary regional beliefs out of the water, Biddick introduces a new generation of wine lovers to a thoroughly modern take on vintage and regional selection.


This nail-biter from author AJ Scudiere will have you on the edge of your seat. In NightShade nothing is as it seems…Eleri Eames didn’t think she’d ever be allowed to work for the FBI again, so the special FBI division of NightShade seems like an amazing oppor... read more
Counting to D

Kate Scott

A contemporary young adult novel about a bright dyslexic teen struggling to find her place in a literate world. Counting to D is sure to resonate with anyone who has struggled with learning disabilities, young love, or just being a teen! The kids at Sam's scho... read more
Inspired by true events, The Vain Conversation reflects on the 1946 lynching of two black couples in Georgia from the perspectives of three characters—Bertrand Johnson, one of the victims; Noland Jacks, a presumed perpetrator; and Lonnie Henson, a witness to t... read more
More than fifty extraordinary Americans, who have all celebrated their one hundredth birthday, share a century of insights. Paul Mobley has taken his camera on the road once again, this time to photograph America’s oldest and wisest citizens. Mobley traveled t... read more

Cody T Luff

Set in the far future, Ration is an unflinching take on the ways society can both thrive and go wrong as pressure to survive builds. All the girls who live in the Apartments are forced to weigh their own hunger against the lives of the others living in the bui... read more
The Good Twin

Marti Green

In Marti Green’s twisting novel of psychological suspense, twin sisters become engaged in a dangerous deception…Mallory Holcolm is an unfulfilled waitress and aspiring artist living in a Queens boardinghouse when she learns something astonishing about her past... read more
The twelve stories of Veterans Crisis Hotline offer a meditation on the relationship between war and righteousness and consider the impossible distance between who men are and who they want to be. A veteran working at the hotline listens to the stories men tel... read more
Squared Away

Alicia Dill

One phone call in the middle of the night changes the life of a former soldier, Joelle McCoy. Her best friend and battle buddy, Concepcion Chapa, is dead and McCoy isn’t taking the alleged car accident at face value. Determined to discover the truth, McCoy set... read more
The Honor Was Mine

Elizabeth Heaney

A Nautilus Book Award winner.A young combat veteran hides in his closet under a pile of clothes on bad nights. Another, home for five days, can’t figure out how to talk to his wife. And a commander’s spouse recounts the soul-draining effect of attending nearly... read more
Scream All Night

Derek Milman

A darkly hilarious contemporary realistic young adult novel about growing up and finding your place in the world, perfect for fans of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Running With Scissors. Goodreads The Hottest YA Books of Summer * B&N Teen Blog Most Antici... read more
Daniel Paterna's Feast of the Seven Fishes: A Brooklyn-Italian's Recipes Celebrating Food and Family is a timely reminder that a shared memory of food draws upon and enriches our souls.In Feast of the Seven Fishes: A Brooklyn Italian's Recipes Celebrating Food... read more
Shine of the Ever

Claire Foster

By turns tender and punk-tough, Shine of the Ever is a literary mixtape of queer voices out of 1990s Portland. This collection of short stories explores what binds a community of queer and trans people as they negotiate love, screwing up and learning to forgiv... read more
A Vision of Angels

Timothy Jay Smith

A terrorist threat for Easter Sunday in Jerusalem sets off a chain of events that weave together the lives of an American journalist, Israeli war hero, Palestinian farmer, and Arab-Christian grocer.Alerted to a suicide bomb plot, Major Jakov Levy orders the bo... read more
In 1989, the summer before the Berlin Wall collapsed, a pregnant, young American art historian, is drawn back to Berlin, seeking the truth about the disappearance of her husband. There, she meets an exiled East German artist whose tormented life and stories of... read more
Eight Minutes

Lori Reisenbichler

On the night Shelly Buckner finally became a mother, she very nearly became a widow. Her husband, Eric, seriously injured in a car accident on the way to the hospital, was dead for a full eight minutes before being revived--all while Shelly was in labor. Those... read more
Kindle Book Review AwardForeword Reviews IndieFab AwardIndieReader Discovery AwardNext Generation Indie Book AwardReaders' Favorite AwardLots of books can strengthen your writing. Few also leave you smiling. You're looking at one.You may write blog posts, e-bo... read more
Arden Simms — an average twenty-five-year-old med student — is headstrong, inde- pendent, and spends most of her time consumed by her studies. The last thing she wants is a romantic relationship that could cause her life to veer off track.Slayde Price is gorge... read more
Room For Grace

Daniel Kenner

Stage 4 cancer for her and a debilitating disease for her husband: life crashed down in an instant. Maureen Kenner found resilience, however, in the lessons she learned from her Special Ed students in Providence, RI. Her students lived with their hearts opened... read more

Mary A. Ellenton

Fay Famaghetti is ready for a change. She realizes that she is meant for something beyond the drudgery of working in her family’s Italian restaurant business. When she moves from her hometown of Brooklyn, New York to suburban Long Island, a unique opportunity ... read more
The Siren's Secret

Justine Ruth Brown

Why do so many people drown in the river running through the Pacific Northwest town of Gray Star? Only a mermaid princess can answer that question, and she's been dead for 400 years. Deep in the dark forest, pre-teen Sappho Smith's dreamlife is haunted by stra... read more
A map to all corners of the world, and—if they’re right—the next. A year later, what happened in the caves at Eden’s edge still haunts Dexter and Daphna’s nightmares: falling through the darkness, the stench, the flapping wings—that maniacal laughter. Back in ... read more
Before there were books, there were Words of Power, and those who spoke them could rule the world… Dexter and Daphna Wax don’t quite fit in, even with each other. She loves reading, and he loathes it, but neither is pleased by their “special” thirteenth birthd... read more
A clairvoyant introvert can enter the minds of people at their moment of death. When a serial killer emerges in her small town, she receives audacious advances from an enigmatic newcomer. Hunting for the slasher herself, police become suspicious as she appears... read more
When the odds are stacked against you, doing everything right still might not be enough to protect yourself and the ones you love.The three characters in Katey Schultz’s novel are each searching for the best way to be, the best way to live—all the while fighti... read more
Cassowary Hill

David de Vaux

The North American edition of the original Australian novel by David de Vaux. When Tom Pryce-Bowyer returns to his cabin in Queensland’s wet tropics to write a biography, he expects only forest animals to disturb his concentration. Then Tom is faced with anoth... read more
Starship Century: Toward the Grandest Horizon is an anthology by authors from both science and fiction writing backgrounds, illustrating some of the tech and ideology behind the illustrious goal of traveling to another star within the next century. Edited by G... read more
Can you love more than one person? Have multiple romantic partners, without jealousy or cheating? Absolutely! Polyamorous people have been paving the way, through trial and painful error. Now there's the new book More Than Two: A practical guide to ethical pol... read more
Cycling Sojourner is a one-of-a-kind cycle touring guidebook series. The Washington book reveals hard-to-find information about exploring the state by bike. Learn about the state’s remotest ribbons of road in the Okanagan, the best bikeable berry stands in the... read more
The Advocacy

Melissa Fischer

Drawn from her own experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, Melissa Fischer weaves a rich tale set in 1992, Obuasi, a mining boomtown. The gold mine, West Africa Gold, dams the Gyimi River, stagnating the water source of Gyimiso Kakraba, a village of su... read more
Lady Killer

Jeff Richards

Mitch Lovett, a recently divorced father of two, wasn’t looking for anything serious—but when he fooled around with an old friend, Dee Wynn, serious was what he got. Dee, a thirty-something partner at her architecture firm, has decided that Mitch will be hers,... read more
Tom Murrell could never understand his father's dreams of carving a new life out of the wilderness. He wanted to do something else with his life besides spend it behind a plow, but with the family moving to the Red River in Arkansaw Territory, he was stuck. Ev... read more
43 Wine Regions

Michael Biddick

Using his information technology background, Michael Biddick crunches the numbers on climate data, consumer reviews, critic scores, and quality systems to discover the top wine regions and best recent vintages. Join him on his journey as he synthesizes convers... read more
A Small Fortune

Audrey Braun

When Celia Donnelly’s husband, Jonathon, surprises her with a family vacation to Mexico, the harried book editor couldn't be happier. She is overworked and exhausted, a situation that has taken a toll on her eighteen-year marriage, not to mention her relations... read more
Born in Chinatown, New York, N.D. Chan was sent to China by her mother after her father was murdered in a random street shooting. She lived with her grandparents in Gaungzhou, until her mother sent for them after she married a dentist and became a wealthy and ... read more
An explosive collision between a pickup truck and a Volvo erases two momentous scientific discoveries. Quantum probability results in complex emotional entanglements. Voices return from the dead. A blood-stained piano becomes an heirloom. Although a picture-pe... read more
Misogyny, Projective Identification, and Mentalization looks at how the psychoanalytic concepts of projective identification and mentalization may explain the construction of society and how they have enabled misogyny to be expressed in social, political, and ... read more

H. W. "Buzz" Bernard

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, get ready to run for your life . . . In the face of a massive earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific Northwest, a respected geologist must make two gut-wrenching decisions. One could cost him his reputation, the other, his ... read more
ART FROM DREAMS, MY JUNGIAN JOURNEY in COLLAGE, ASSEMBLAGE, and POETRY celebrates artistic expression as an exploration for self-awareness. Art-making and poetry reveal to ourselves and to others the images and feelings that arise within us in dreams. The very... read more
It's the holiday season in Dickens Junction, Oregon. Local bookstore owner Simon Alastair is getting ready for the community's annual celebration of Charles Dickens's well-known story. But when a mysterious stranger shows up in the Junction and is murdered hou... read more
Running for his life wasn't exactly what Portland PI, Jake Brand, had in mind when he accepted his latest client - but that's exactly what he and Sarah, his best friend and assistant, find themselves doing in this heart-pounding sequel to Angel's Devil. Decept... read more
Almost a Minyan

Lori S. Kline

How can our sacred institutions preserve tradition while retaining the flexibility to accommodate modern life? And how do you fold that theme into a lively kids' book? Almost a Minyan, the latest offering from Austin's Sociosights Press, brings children into t... read more
With a broken heart, a stalled career, and a troubled family, singer-songwriter Annie Walsh seeks refuge at her secluded home, surrounded by a lush Florida tangelo grove and the company of her old dog Detour. But a crime connected to her brother Calder threate... read more

Jessie has 7 reviews





Kerry C.

Kerry C.

Dec, 2021

I had a wonderful experience working with Jessie and Cassie. Their communication was excellent and they were always available to answer questions. Thanks to their efforts, my debut’s release was a success!
Jessie G.
It was our great pleasure working with you, Kerry!
Paul C.

Paul C.

Oct, 2021

Jessie and their whole team are the best. Highly recommended!
Jessie G.
Backacha, Paul!
Susan R.

Susan R.

Oct, 2020

Jessica Glenn and her staff, Emily, Lisa, and others at MindBuck Media, are fantastic! I’m a first-time author (Cooking For Her Eyes) and knew nothing about the process of launching a book. But Jessica et al. were responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and with their diverse contacts and experience, were effective in getting my book “out there,” with satisfying reviews and blurbs–a colossal s...
Read more
Jessie G.
Thank you so much, Susan! We were just so delighted to work on your beautiful book and encourage any Reedsy folks out there looking for a truly inspiring read to buy, "Cooking for her Eyes"
John K D.

John K D.

May, 2020

First of all, she knows what she is doing. Secondly, she words with a team. Thirdly, she saved me money by suggesting that I not do some expenditures. She is highly responsive.
Mary Claire B.

Mary Claire B.

Feb, 2019

Jessi and her team were so informative and helpful at every stage. I am so glad I connected with her on Reedsy. I would recommend her to anyone needing a publicist, especially someone new to the publishing industry, as she taught us so much in addition to actually handling publicity.
Jessie G.
Thank you! We loved working on Jessica's book!

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