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Frank W. Lewis - Editor

Cleveland, OH, USA

Former journalist with more than 20 years’ experience working with new writers of all ages on nonfiction and fiction projects.

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Writing is a journey, and a good editor is a guide. The writer determines the destination, the editor helps them find the best path, and stay on it. My role differs in every case, depending on what the writer needs. Sounding board. Devil’s advocate. Co-conspirator. Therapist. Noodge.

I specialize in developmental editing and line editing. Developmental editing is mostly about big-picture stuff — plot, characters, structure, pace, etc. It’s less about “fixing” the writing and more about collaborating with the author on a plan for writing the next draft. Line editing is looking at the forest and the trees — it’s developmental editing that includes sentence-level work.

When I read a manuscript, these are the main things I’m looking for:

Structure: Does the story begin “as close to the end as possible”, as Kurt Vonnegut advised? Does the narrative progress in a coherent way? Does it move at a pace that will hold a reader’s interest while also providing the details and background that bring the characters and setting to life? Is there a discernible beginning, middle and end? Are there peaks and valleys in the action that trend upward toward the climax?

Voice: Does the point of view from which the author is writing suit the story, and does the author adhere to it throughout? Is the writing style also suitable and consistent? How will the writing “sound” in the reader’s head? Do the writer’s stylistic choices seem natural, or arbitrary and jarring? Is the writer using words that are clear, direct and varied? Is the writer using too much passive voice or relying too heavily on adverbs?

Engagement: Are the characters developed enough that readers will care what happens to them? Will they feel invested in the outcome of the characters’ (literal or metaphoric) journey? If the story is fantastical, is the internal logic sufficient to maintain the suspension of disbelief? (Related: Has the author spent too much or too little time on world building?)

These questions apply to both fiction and nonfiction writing. As a journalist, I learned that nonfiction can benefit greatly from some of the elements of fiction. As an editor, I’ve seen how fiction writers can learn from the journalist’s commitment to brevity — a story is as long as it needs to be, and no longer.

My editing process starts with a get-to-know-you conversation, so that I understand the writer’s vision, concerns and goals. As I work I generate lots of notes. After handing over those notes, I give the writer time to digest, then schedule another meeting to review and to offer whatever advice I can for next steps.

Testimonials (can be verified on my LinkedIn page)

“Frank is the editor I needed. From our first conversation, Frank helped me identify the process that I needed to edit my first novel. He tailored his expertise to my specific needs. His keen eye, command over the language, prudent suggestions, and his follow-through helped me yield a fully edited first draft of my book. Frank also takes the time to get to know his clients. I felt personally supported and acknowledged for my hard work. I look forward to my final draft and the published version of my book because I know I have Frank in my corner. If you are looking for an editor, I fully recommend you reach out to Frank.” Chris Karel

“Working together with Frank Lewis was a joy! Organized, efficient, diligent are just some of the words that come to mind as I describe Frank. I would highly recommend him for others to work with as long as that work doesn't get in the way of our future projects.” Ben Kearney, Ph.D.

“Frank edited a draft of a novel I am working on. He was very thorough and sat down with me to go through his notes and even discuss issues I was having. The issues were discussed in depth and it was great to have a back and forth dialogue about what I was trying to achieve. He offered suggestions for plot points and provided honest feedback about what worked, what didn’t work and addressed why those didn’t work. Frank even researched a few points to provide me ideas that helped fix some issues I had. He is highly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding what goes into the process of writing, being mindful of grammar and the editing process as a whole. I would highly recommend Frank for his knowledge about writing, professionalism, enthusiasm and thoroughness. I have every intention of utilizing his abilities in the future.” Jerry Vandal

“Frank is an excellent resource for science fiction writers. His consulting is detailed and relevant, and his understanding of the writing process can move a project from its earliest stages to print. As an author who has worked with Frank on one of my own projects, I recommend him to all authors looking to successfully launch their own.” Rick Ferrara, Esq.

“I've hired Frank many times as a freelance editor to work on various aspects of our nonfiction book projects, from small fixes, proofreading, and copy editing to structural work and major manuscript overhauls. I've also hired him to work on adapting book content for marketing campaigns. Manuscript editing does not always start with a precise task assignment, and it requires good judgment and assessment skills as well as writing and editing skills. Frank can quickly determine what's needed for a particular job and then tackle it efficiently. He works well in collaboration both with writers and project managers. Frank's ability to adjust to the particular needs of a project, big or small, makes him a valuable go-to guy when we need outside help. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs a good editor or writer for almost any kind of writing- or publishing-related project.” David Gray, Gray & Co., Publishers
English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Humanities & Social Sciences
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True Crime
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Short Story

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President & Editor-in-Chief

June, 2010 – Present (over 12 years)

Storylogic Media provides a range of editorial services for businesses and individuals.

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Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Iohannes Spartustica
He knows about literature. I spoke with him on the phone to discuss the book and we talked about the major themes in the book. I got the book notes back and he is honest but is not discouraging.

Iohannes Spartustica, April 2022

Frank W. Lewis
I like working with ambitious writers, and Iohannes’s book was a fun challenge.

Reply from Frank W. Lewis

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