Erin L. McCoy

Erin L. McCoy – Editor

24+ awards in writing and editing • 30+ books edited • Specialties include nonfiction and poetry • Ph.D. student, lit and creative writing


I'm an editor, content writer, and copyeditor who has won dozens of awards in creative writing, photojournalism, and copyediting. I've edited dozens of books across a variety of genres and topics, with a specialty in nonfiction and poetry for both adults and young adults. My goal is to connect with your vision to help you make your book the best it can be.

As a Ph.D. student in literature and creative writing at the University of Houston, I've dedicated my life to studying great literature, and I'm a passionate educator in composition and creative writing. I believe that this makes me a better editor, since I can work across a variety of genres and literary traditions, and am always happy to explain or talk through my recommendations.

As a book editor, I've done both developmental editing and copyediting, working at every stage of the book production process. I've edited 30 nonfiction books for young adults for Cavendish Square Publishing, and I've also edited a number of poetry and fiction books. I also edited "Killer Visual Strategies: Engage Any Audience, Improve Comprehension, and Get Amazing Results Using Visual Communication" (Wiley 2020) by Amy Balliett. The book was a runner-up in Porchlight’s Best Business Books of 2020.

I am the acquisitions editor for Entre Ríos Books, where I seek out Argentinian authors to publish in translation. I am also an assistant poetry editor and fiction reader for Gulf Coast, a top-tier literary journal. I speak and read Spanish fluently.

I worked as a photojournalist for several years, during which I won 22 awards for environmental writing, investigative reporting, feature writing, and copyediting. In nonfiction, I'm passionate about working on projects related to the environment, social justice, history, science, nature, and design.

I'm looking forward to learning more about your book, and bringing your vision to life!
Art Business & Management Children’s Non-Fiction History Nature
Literary Fiction Poetry Short Story
English (US)
  • Fulbright Fellowship: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Best New Poets 2017
  • Washington Press Association: 2nd place, Magazines: Agriculture/Environment News (2014)
  • Washington Press Association: 2nd place, Magazines: Food Features (2014)
  • Washington Press Association: 1st and 2nd place, Agriculture/Environment News (2013)
  • Kentucky Press Association, 2012: Best Spot News Coverage, 1st; Best Business/Agribusiness Story, 1st; Best General News Picture, 2nd; Best Investigative Story or Series, 3rd; Best Feature Story, 3rd; Best Column, 3rd.
  • Kentucky Press Association, 2011: Best Investigative Story or Series, 1st and 3rd; Best Feature Story, 1st and 2nd; Best Feature Picture, 1st; Best Business/Agribusiness Story, 2nd; Best Lifestyle Page, 2nd; Best Spot News Picture, honorable mention.
  • Kentucky Press Association, 2006: Best Investigative Story or Series, 3rd place.
  • Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association, First Place, Deadline Copy Editing: 2015.
  • Joan Grayston Poetry Prize, University of Washington, 2017
  • The University of Washington’s Grace Milliman Pollock Scholarship (2016-2017)
  • Oakley Hall III Memorial Scholarship to attend the Community of Writers in Squaw Valley, California (Summer 2016)
  • “How a lake flash-froze a herd of horses,” second place in the 2019–2020 Rougarou Poetry Contest, judged by CAConrad
  • “Futures,” selected by Natalie Diaz for inclusion in the Best New Poets 2017 anthology
  • Kentucky Writers’ Fellowship, Baltic Writing Residencies, 2019

Work experience

Cavendish Square, Wiley, & other publishers

Oct, 2017 — Present

Manage the work of several authors simultaneously.

Revise full-length book manuscripts from the outlining stage through final book layout.

Collaborate with copyeditors and photo editors to ensure the books’ final production quality.

On-page edits and proofing using Adobe software.

Conduct extensive research for and rewriting of older texts.

Entre Ríos Books

Jun, 2018 — Present

I seek out and select books of poetry written by Argentine authors for publication in side-by-side translation.

Open Books: A Poem Emporium

Sep, 2016 — Jun, 2018 (over 1 year)

Promote readings, conversations, and book releases at one of just four poetry-only bookstores in the country.

Plan and initiate community outreach and partnerships to encourage poetry awareness, enjoyment, and sharing.
Identify and harness new income streams.

Increase Open Books’ brand awareness on a local and national level.

Killer Visual Strategies

Jan, 2014 — Present

• Increase thought leadership of the company and its co-founders through public speaking engagements, article placement in such outlets as Inc. and Forbes, and coordinated marketing campaigns.
• Boost brand awareness and engagement on a national and international scale through awards and media outreach.
• Design initiatives and campaigns to expand the company’s clientele.

Killer Visual Strategies

Oct, 2012 — Present

Researched, edited and wrote infographics on a broad variety of topics, including health, marketing, investing and cultural trends. Infographics have appeared on such notable sites as Mashable.

Varied style and tone based on client needs. Worked with such noteworthy clients as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Copywrote for multiple company web pages.

The Kentucky Standard

Oct, 2010 — Aug, 2012 (almost 2 years)

As News Editor:
Coordinated story assignment and managed story quality in the Kentucky Standard newsroom.
Copy edited all content to be published in the paper and headed the design for every issue of the paper, including planning for and implementing front pages and special sections.
[Was hired for position with the knowledge that I was going to move to Seattle a short time after.]
Reporter/Photographer – The Kentucky Standard (Oct. 2010 to June 2012)

As Reporter/Photographer:
Wrote and took photographs for a variety of articles, including investigative pieces, feature stories, hard news, event coverage and crime.
Updated the website and social media sites daily with new and breaking news.
Designed graphics for articles and lay out pages. Recorded video and collected information for TV news stories at PLG-News 13.
Beats included police/fire, courts, education, planning & zoning, fiscal court, agriculture, and tourism.
Wrote the newspaper’s social media strategy. Primary operator of the paper’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sarabande Books

Jan, 2010 — May, 2010 (4 months)

Managed general correspondence, including queries, submissions, and review copy requests. Wrote regular blog entries.
Designed the spring newsletter, a flyer, an event program, and educational information sheets. Planned an author tour.

Various magazines

Jan, 2009 — Present

Freelance writing and photography have appeared in YES! Magazine online, LEO Weekly (Louisville, KY), Memphis Magazine, The Downs (Official Kentucky Derby and Oaks program), The Voice-Tribune (Louisville), (A)WAY magazine (Belgium),, and ProQuest CultureGrams and Discovery Guides.


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Danielle P.

Danielle P.

Feb, 2024

This was my second time working with Erin, this time editing my second poetry book. This time was a little more critical and she pushed me to become more specific and in touch with my writing. I love working with Erin every time! She really loves poetry and I can tell she’s studied it for a long time. I’ll definitely be returning to her for future books.
Erin L. M.
Thank you, Danielle! It was lovely to have the chance to work with you again. Best of luck publishing your next book!
Sullivan F.

Sullivan F.

Jul, 2021

Working with Erin was great! She had great insight into my writing and helped me get on the right track.
Erin L. M.
This is wonderful to hear, Sullivan—thank you! I'm honored that I had the chance to work on these poems with you, and I can't wait to read them in my favorite journals!
Jim B.

Jim B.

Jun, 2021

Erin was amazing. Her communication was great, on time, and very thorough. She went above and beyond and gave me quality feedback on everything. I could not have asked for more. She asked really great questions during out initial conversation and followed through with everything I asked for. She gave me great ideas and thoughtful strategies to improve me work. I am so excited to get it publishe...
Read more
Erin L. M.
Hi Jim, Wow, I am so pleased to hear I was of help to you! It was wonderful working with your and your lovely book. Best of luck sharing it with the world! Warmly, Erin
S. J.

S. J.

May, 2021

I'm grateful to have worked with Erin, who was both professional and knowledgeable. She provided a developmental edit in the specified time frame and made herself available to answer questions afterward. Thank you, Erin!
Erin L. M.
Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you and to read your work, SJ! I can’t wait to read these poems in my favorite journals!
Danielle P.

Danielle P.

May, 2021

This was my first time working with Erin for my debut poetry novel, and I was really impressed by her professionalism and etiquette and knowledge. She gave me new vocabulary to describe my writing and resources to improve it. I’ll be sure to use her services again for my next projects. Thanks again, Erin! :)
Erin L. M.
Thanks so much for the review, Danielle! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and to have a chance to read your work. Best of luck with your first book!

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