Erin Cobby

Erin Cobby - Editor

London, UK

Experienced editor and proofreader, previously worked for Bloomsbury, Legend Press and Reuters. Co-editor of multimedia platform shado.

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My name is Erin Cobby, I'm currently a freelance journalist and editor.

I've written for a number of publications from Reuters to Wonderland, specialising in arts and culture journalism.

I also am the co-editor of shado, a multi-media platform at the intersection of arts, academia and activism. We are currently producing our third print issue on Climate Justice. I have been in this role for nearly two years, working with contributors from all over the world to create copy on a diverse range of subjects, all with a focus on self-narration, telling stories which are normally ignored by mainstream media outlets.

I have a background in book publishing working as a Managing Editor for Thompson and Reuters, overseeing projects on a range of non-fiction subjects from Building Law to GDPR.

I have also worked in publishing in a fictional capacity, working as a proofreader and reader for Legend Press, Simon and Schuster and Bloomsbury.

I am a reliable and enthusiastic editor and proofreader. I love working with writers to ensure that their story is told in the best way possible. I am flexible, responsive and affordable! I look forward to working with you!

English (UK)
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Fiction
Young Adult

Work experience


shado magazine
February, 2019 – Present (over 3 years)

Features Writer – I currently research, write and edit features for shado magazine, an online and print publication which works to amplify the voices of those who are actioning political, social and cultural change.
Editor – I lead a team of editors who source submissions and artwork for both our online and print publications. I also ensure that content is innovative and reflects house ethos and style.
Operations – I also work in a more organisational capacity, this ranges from booking acts for magazine launches to acquiring sponsorship for our print publication and panel discussions.

Writer and Editor

Brave Bison
August, 2019 – September, 2019 (about 1 month)

Writer and Editor – I wrote and edited for Brave Bison’s online page Vtrnd, sourcing and writing five articles a day on a variety of topics ranging from current politics to entertainment news. I also pitched and created multiple article series, broadening our content type and attracting new audience members. I also worked with SEO and used Google Analytics to inform content style and execution.

Freelance Editor

Thomson Reuters
February, 2019 – Present (over 3 years)

I receive a manuscript at the beginning of its editorial process. I ensure that the title meets house style standards of sense, grammar and editorial particulars before passing on to the managing editor for publication.

Managing Editor

Thomson and Reuters
September, 2018 – December, 2018 (3 months)

Management - I managed a range of titles. This entailed liaising with authors and publishing editors to ensure that the finished manuscript is successful. It also concerned drawing up schedules to ensure that the manuscript was created in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Editing - I oversaw the process of copy editing, proof-checking and typesetting, while also ensuring that the copy appears correctly online. I had to ensure that the title adhered to house style and was grammatically correct.

Digital Content Manager

Legend Press
February, 2018 – May, 2018 (3 months)

Improving Digital Sales - I conducted research in to the latest digital sales methods across different platforms to create promotional offers and advertisements. Using this information, I improved our listings both on our own database (Booksonix) and external websites. Upon leaving the company I created a guide to establishing an effective listing/promotional campaign that is currently in use.
Creating Promotional Material - I used Indesign to create adverts for various promotions or new titles that were featured in print magazines. I also created our AI booklets that were used to aid sales at various book fairs.
Editorial - I read manuscripts at various editorial stages. I made changes and marked up concerns such as grammar, spelling, sense, plot flaws and continuity. I did this quickly and effectively to ensure we kept to publication schedule.
Reading - I occasionally read submissions, focusing mainly on potential foreign language acquisitions.

Editorial Intern

Simon and Schuster
November, 2017 – December, 2017 (about 1 month)

Reading – I read submissions and wrote reader reports, offering opinions on plot flaws, marketability and character development.

Freelance Proofreader

September, 2017 – April, 2018 (7 months)

I acted as a freelance proofreader working for various institutions from Fairley School to the RCSLT. I edited a range of public facing documents for sense, grammatical and spelling error and house style. I was re-hired by the RCSLT on multiple occasions due to their satisfaction with my work.

Portfolio (5 selected works)

The Reckoning

Chonghaile, Clár Ní


Lock, Robert

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