Ellis Weiner

Ellis Weiner – Ghostwriter

I have an extensive history in writing, editing, and teaching humor, parody, and satire, both in articles and novels. Also kids' fiction.


I specialize in humor, satire, and parody. I've published in a thousand magazines (including as an editor of National Lampoon, a columnist in Spy, and current contributor to The New Yorker), and published over 20 books for adults and middle-grade (9-12) kids. I am founder and editor of the Sherman Oaks Review of Books (a humor magazine). My latest book (co-authored with Steve Radlauer) is Monsters of the Ivy League (Little, Brown).

I've taught comic writing at UCLA and edited others' manuscripts. Oh, and I had a nice ten-year career writing, creating, and producing children's television. Other than that I haven't done anything except cook and play the drums.
Humor & Comedy Middle Grade
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2017 — Apr, 2017 (3 months)

Currently I am editing one writer's memoir and another's novel. I've also edited two war veterans' memoirs.

I've published with many major American publishers, including Little, Brown; Plume; NAL; Dutton; Chronicle Books; and Riverhead Books. My latest book, co-authored with a friend, is MONSTERS OF THE IVY LEAGUE, published on April 11, 2017 (see Portfolio, below).

I've contributed articles to the New Yorker, Spy, Mademoiselle, Air & Space, Smithsonian, Child, Parenting, and others. Many of these magazines no longer exist but that's not my fault.

Speaking of which, I was an editor/writer of National Lampoon.

I founded and am editor of The Sherman Oaks Review of Books, an online humor magazine.


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Howard the Duck

Ellis Weiner

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The Joy of Worry

Ellis Weiner

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Cassius C.

Cassius C.

Nov, 2018

Talented writer. Kind. Funny. Helpful.
Carrie A.

Carrie A.

Mar, 2018

Extremely thoughtful and skilled.

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