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Dylan's Birthday Present

Dylan is an American boy like many others. One thing makes him special, though: his parents come from other countries and speak to him in different languages. It's his birthday today and he receives a very unusual present, only to lose it shortly after. Together with his best friend Emma, a sweet...

This is Book 2 in the award-winning Little Polyglot Adventures series and the sequel to Book 1 (Dylan's Birthday Present). The city zoo is holding a very special event. Today, guests can bring their own pets to the zoo! Of course, all city residents want to join in on the fun. Dylan and Isabell...

This is Book 3 in the multi-award-winning Little Polyglot Adventures series and is the sequel to Book 1 (Dylan's Birthday Present) and to Book 2 (A Wild Day at the Zoo). Dylan and Isabella, the polyglot siblings, have special guests in town: the grandparents. To celebrate their arrival from abr...

Ben loves to draw. Drawing makes him happy, and he uses his drawing talent to also make others around him happy. One day, he has an idea: what if he started a Happiness Club? To become a member of the club, all a child has to do is use their own unique talents to make another member of the club h...

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Victor Santos is the proud Latino father of two amazingly happy, multicultural, and trilingual children. Through his children’s books, he aims to inspire young children to be respectful of differences and always strive to be a good person.
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