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A Multicultural Picnic (Little Polyglot Adventures Book 3)


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Fun-filled, educational and brimming with good values, this book is a must for children in diverse cultural settings.

A Multicultural Picnic written by Victor Santos is the third book in the Little Polyglot Adventures series, an engaging set of books that familiarize kids with diverse foreign languages. What better way to spark your young one’s interest in learning a new language than by stories that allow them to visualize themselves in a multicultural setting?

In this story, we find the polyglot siblings Dylan and Isabella as they celebrate the arrival of their grandparents through a picnic at the park. Interaction with family and friends creates an opportunity to use foreign words. It’s a very educational experience because there is an English translation for each word. The book even has a link to listen to the pronunciation of the foreign words used in the story.

On a deeper level, the book also shows how it is possible to form friendships with people from different cultures. While it may not be easy at first, kindness and compassion will eventually lead the way to better understanding and respect for one another.

Rich in knowledge, filled with good values and presented through colorful illustrations and endearing characters, this book is well recommended for parents, teachers and children, especially for those in diverse cultures and languages.

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This is Book 3 in the multi-award-winning Little Polyglot Adventures series and is the sequel to Book 1 (Dylan's Birthday Present) and to Book 2 (A Wild Day at the Zoo).

Dylan and Isabella, the polyglot siblings, have special guests in town: the grandparents. To celebrate their arrival from abroad, the family decides to have a picnic at the park. Things get a bit out of control when the children meet a group of unwelcoming boys at the park and when Kiki, Dylan's pet chicken, decides to venture out on her own.

In this fun and multicultural story, children will learn about the true value of friendship, of not judging a book by its cover, and of being proud of their own culture while also respecting that of others.

While reading this book, kids will learn new words in different languages and feel like a little polyglot themselves!

About the author

Victor D.O. Santos, PhD is an award-winning children's author, a language-learning expert, and a father to two multilingual and trilingual children. He is best known as the author of the multi-award-winning children’s series Little Polyglot Adventures, which was inspired by his own family history. view profile

Published on January 19, 2021

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