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The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness


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The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness is an incredible lesson that children of all ages should learn!

The cover of The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness is what first drew me to this book. It shows imagination and creativity and I wondered exactly what “illustrated happiness” meant. The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness is written by Victor D. O. Santos and is illustrated by Eszter Miklós. Victor has written several children’s books, all with the same goal, “to inspire young children to be respectful of differences and always strive to be a good person.”

Ben is an incredibly talented artist who often loses track of time, getting caught up in his latest creations. He loves expressing his emotions through his drawings, especially the happy emotions, Ben loves being happy and looks for ways to make others happy through his drawings. One day he gets an idea to start a “happiness” club. With the help of his parents, he makes stickers that he will give each new member of the club. The club only has one rule. What do you think it is? Will the idea of the happiness club be successful?

Ben fills a need that most people scarcely realize they have, the need to be happy or to find joy in something. Ben sets up a club for the sole purpose of bringing happiness to others. What would it look like if we all tried to discover a person that we could spread a little happiness to? The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness is a brilliant concept and written incredibly well. It is an excellent lesson for children (and adults) to learn. The illustrations tell the story just as vividly as the words, with vibrant colors, and realistic portrayals of people and animals.

I enjoyed everything about this book. It is meticulously edited, engaging, relatable, and realistic. Anyone who has ever been late because they got caught up in what they were doing will relate to Ben. I imagine children spending time just taking in the fabulous illustrations.

I would recommend this book to children from about 3 years to 8 years old, although the message is crucial for children of all ages. The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness would make a great item for a child’s birthday party or memorable occasion. This book should be in all homes and public libraries!



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I am an avid book reader (book addict), I could literally spend all day reading and not get bored. I love learning new things through reading. *I prefer conservative books without profanity or explicit content.*


Ben loves to draw. Drawing makes him happy, and he uses his drawing talent to also make others around him happy. One day, he has an idea: what if he started a Happiness Club? To become a member of the club, all a child has to do is use their own unique talents to make another member of the club happy. In this uplifting, diverse, and beautifully illustrated book, children will learn how the exponential power of love, respect, and friendship can be harnessed to make the world a happier place for all.

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Victor D.O. Santos, PhD is an award-winning children's author, a language-learning expert, and a father to two multilingual and trilingual children. He is best known as the author of the multi-award-winning children’s series Little Polyglot Adventures, which was inspired by his own family history. view profile

Published on March 19, 2021

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