Michael Albanese

Michael Albanese

There is no risk in the unfinished.

Michael Albanese

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Guardian of the Groceries

Henry gets bored sometimes. I mean, we all do. One day, when his mother takes him to the grocery store (the most boring place on earth!), Henry decides to use his imagination. And what happens next is the most incredible adventure he's ever been on! Join Henry on this unexpected journey and you, ...

Conceived against the backdrop of the global pandemic, this modern-day allegory explores the illusion of control and the pursuit of peace. Join our hero and discover that happiness is not always found in the places we expect.

About me
Michael Albanese was born in New York City and raised in Marietta, GA. He loves writing, coffee, basketball and all forms of art. Michael lives in Atlanta with his wife Wynn (co-creator of this book) their two daughters and two cats.
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