The Boy Who Loved Boxes: A Children's Book for Adults


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Finding peace in a world beyond our control. A simple, quick read for both kids and adults.

The story follows the journey of a boy from his younger years to becoming a man. The boy / man always found comfort in organizing his life in boxes, until the global pandemic hit and took away the security the boxes provided as well as the control the man had over them. Now, he must find a way to hold onto what matters to him and rekindle what those things had once been collected to make him feel – peace.

Some might argue that the story could have used further development, but I found its simplicity quite refreshing. The story is very straight forward and basic, which makes it skillfully effortless. It brings to light difficult themes without overcomplicating them, but stripping them down to the core of what they are – normal human emotions that can be contained with time and a little faith as life always finds a way even when we believe there is not one.

The artwork is just as simple as the story it brings to life, direct and pretty, which makes the whole book a quick, bittersweet read.

This picture book can be enjoyed by both kids and adults as it resonates with all the stages of growing up in a world beyond our control.

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Conceived against the backdrop of the global pandemic, this modern-day allegory explores the illusion of control and the pursuit of peace. Join our hero and discover that happiness is not always found in the places we expect.

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Michael Albanese was born in New York City and raised in Marietta, GA. He loves writing, coffee, basketball and all forms of art. Michael lives in Atlanta with his wife Wynn (co-creator of this book) their two daughters and two cats. view profile

Published on January 05, 2022

Published by The Weight of Ink

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Genre: Children's

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