Guardian of the Groceries


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This is a fun and lighthearted story about how a little imagination can turn an everyday outing into an exciting adventure.

A trip to the grocery store turns into an amazing adventure with just a little bit of imagination. One day, a boy named Henry finds himself sitting on the front steps of his house—looking out at an otherwise beautiful day—and feeling bored. He craves adventure, but when his mom suggests that a trip to the grocery store might help, Henry is not so sure it will be the adventure he is looking for. However, inside the store, Henry’s mom asks him to guard the groceries while she tracks down a forgotten shopping list item. It is then that Henry’s adventure as the Guardian of the Groceries truly begins.

Cheery, child-like illustrations greet the reader from the first page, foreshadowing moments within the story ahead. Bright colors are used throughout, and the images feature visible line work in various hues. Henry and his mother are depicted with light skin and shop at an upper-middle-class grocery store; the shopkeeper/mission control is depicted with darker skin. Readers will enjoy the friendly faces on each page and the welcoming message of using one’s imagination to turn boredom into adventure, no matter where one finds oneself. The chosen font is playful, and the balance of text to images is well-suited to young, elementary school-aged readers. Though many of the sentences are long, familiar word choice makes the story accessible to a wider range of ages. Several puns and references appear within Henry’s adventure that will be appreciated by the caregivers reading this book aloud. After experiencing Henry’s story, readers will no doubt be inspired to create adventures of their own and may even wish to recreate some of Henry’s imaginings in their own grocery stores. A fun and lighthearted story about how a little imagination can turn an everyday outing into an exciting adventure, Guardian of the Groceries is an enjoyable book that may even encourage young readers to eat their broccoli.

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Henry gets bored sometimes. I mean, we all do. One day, when his mother takes him to the grocery store (the most boring place on earth!), Henry decides to use his imagination. And what happens next is the most incredible adventure he's ever been on! Join Henry on this unexpected journey and you, too, might just be surprised by what you find!

"It's okay to be bored sometimes. That's the perfect time to use your imagination."

- Henry's Mom

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Published on December 01, 2020

Published by The Weight of Ink

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Genre: Children's

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