Deborah Grandinetti

Deborah Grandinetti – Editor

Empathic book development editor. Ten years in-house publishing experience. Developed a Rodale bestseller; excel at working with innovators.


Are you someone with a meditation or awareness practice? Are you looking for an editor who will resonate with you, and quickly and intuitively "get you" and your project? If so, let's talk and explore our fit. I bring over two decades of experience as a book editor and a similar amount of experience as a student of meditation and other awareness practices. As an editor, I excel at helping clients organize their material so that the book has a clear "through-line" that makes it a joy to read, throughout. I'm also very experienced at adding those touches that bring a book up to a higher level of excellence. As a writer/book development editor, I have Rodale bestseller to my credit and a decade of in-house publishing experience. In terms of content, I am exceedingly well-versed in holistic health, psychology and emotional healing, social entrepreneurship, urban education and youth development.
Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing New Age Parenting & Families Psychology Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sex & Relationships
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2005 — Present

At Writing That Hits the Mark, I help innovators in different fields develop the books, blogs, and other media platforms that build their brand. I specialize in developmental editing across a range of media, and in nonfiction book proposal writing. I am very skilled at helping organizations determine how to plan content to engage the different "sub-groups" within the larger target audience. I also excel at helping authors organize their material and create the "through-line" that makes the blog, article, or book a smooth read from start to finish.

► Positioned client’s self-published book, a 1st in the field of postnatal care for mothers, won the “Mom’s Choice Award” from an international organization that reviews thousands of submissions from 55 countries.

Running Press Book Publishers

Sep, 2001 — Aug, 2006 (almost 5 years)

I proposed, developed, and edited trade books, and instrumentally contributed to executive team’s selection of manuscripts to acquire. Additionally, I collaborated with outside authors, as well as in-house designers and production staff.

► Edited “front of the catalogue” titles, including projects with celebrity authors such as Stephen Hawking and James Watson.

► Developed trade books that generated $2.5M in net sales in 1 year, outperforming 2 senior acquisition and development editors.


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Jenn J.

Jenn J.

Sep, 2023

I can't express enough how much working with Deb has been everything that I needed: a clear-cut plan, tips and tricks for the industry and a phenomenal amount of support. Will always recommend highly and will be back with future books for sure!
Deborah G.
Thank you, Jenn! I am excited for you and thrilled about the timeliness and relevancy of your topic! It was a pleasure working with you!
Alaya B.

Alaya B.

Nov, 2022

Working with Deborah is exceeding my expectations. I'm very grateful to her for the way that she shows up, the way that she understands my project and her skill to help bring the work through in a clear, simple and powerful way that will connect with my audience.
Halyna A.

Halyna A.

Oct, 2022

A+, 5 stars, wise, proffessional, caring and simply amazing!
Nathan P.

Nathan P.

Jul, 2020

Deborah Grandinetti was a wonderful individual to collaborate with over my first book, Metaphysical Madness. She was very honest and direct concerning the strengths and weaknesses of my writing. She also advised me on potential ideas and strategies for marketing as well as some key pointers to follow if I ever wanted to publish through a major publisher rather than self publish my work. I wou...
Read more

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