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Cristina Dan – Designer

I love children and I love books, so I became a children’s books illustrator.


Shortly, I love children and I love books, so I became a children’s books illustrator.

My life is simple. Even now you can probably find me in my home illustrating, reading or searching for inspiration. By my side are always my two cats and a cup of coffee.

My childhood was quiet. I enjoyed drawing A LOT, playing with younger kids, trying to teach them different things and reading them stories. This is why up until 20 I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but at that time I didn’t know I can transform my passion for illustration into a real career.

My grandpa was a painter and a primary school teacher. Every wall of his home was filled with his canvases. In the living room, besides the window, you could always find his easel. There was rarely a day I wouldn’t visit him and now I’m living in his home and his walls are filled with my illustrations.

I live in Oradea, the only city in Romania with breathtaking Art Nouveau palaces. It looks like a smaller Vienna, such inspiring for an artist.

I’m 27 and I’ve been illustrating as a full time job for almost 4 years. Before that I taught art to children at a private studio for a year and for another one I was a graphic designer at a printshop. Both of my previous jobs helped me growing skills for my current career. What also helps me is having diplomas in teaching at kindergarten and primary school + fine arts.

For the past years I worked with people from all around the globe such as The U.S., Australia, Germany and Romania. I like to work with the authors and publishing houses as a team in order to create books that move people and leave a mark. Our goal is to make children laugh, to help people feel less alone in their struggles and to spread love, empathy and compassion.

As an illustrator, my vision is to go beyond words. I believe in the power of illustrations to speak directly to children, but it all starts with your stories. That's why I team up with authors to bring life into their visions, creating images that complete their stories. After all, small children can’t read the story, but they can read the illustrations so they must spark curiosity.

I believe that those who write for children are one of the best people you could ever find: it takes a big heart to shape little minds.

If you would like to have illustrations made from the heart consider reaching out to me!

Children’s Non-Fiction
Middle Grade Picture Books
  • Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

Work experience


Nov, 2020 — Present

I illustrate children's books, games for children and on occasion I do editorial illustrations.
Everyday I try to bring life to new characters that children will relate to. I want them to tell a story though their appearance so people can love, laugh and feel along with them.
What I always keep in mind is to create an environment that takes you in and helps you step into the story. I do so by using vibrant colors and soft lighting that creates this magical atmosphere.

Smartist Activ Workshops

Nov, 2019 — Nov, 2020 (about 1 year)

I taught art to little ones. Our activities included painting, drawing, sculpting and digital art.
They used to come everyday to this workshop for a couple of hours. I enjoyed showing to each child how to draw easily, but what I loved the most was to show them that it's ok to make mistakes. Art should free us and it was never meant to be perfect.

D Print and Press

Nov, 2018 — Nov, 2019 (about 1 year)

For my first year after collage I was a graphic designer at a print shop. In that period I learnt how to work fast in softwares such as adobe photoshop and illustrator and corel.


Made with Reedsy
Dream Roller Coaster

Mccrorey, Cotella Lanika

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Megan K.

Megan K.

Nov, 2023

Cristina is great! She is friendly, easy to work with, and talented! She illustrated a beautiful two page spread mockup for me for my children's book.
Zachary H.

Zachary H.

Jul, 2023

Cristina was a delight to work with. I am very happy with the illustrations and look forward to working with her again.
Cotella M.

Cotella M.

Mar, 2023

Christina Dan was amazing she is very professional and talented. She made the processing easy. I enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Kaila M.

Kaila M.

Mar, 2023

Cristina is so wonderful! Truly an outstanding artist and so professional through and through! I had such a fantastic experience with her; she was patient, thorough, and communicated with me every step of the way. I honestly would love to have her illustration skills again in my next book! Such a lovely person and talented artist!

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