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Cindy Marsch - Editor

Slippery Rock, United States

Specializing in historical and literary fiction – deep guidance for developing writers and a final polish for seasoned authors.

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(Now booking for November 2021 and beyond, recommending the cost-effective Manuscript Assessment)

I'm an author and editor with an undergraduate degree in creative writing (short stories primarily) and a master's in literature and have been editing professionally for four years and teaching writing for more than three decades. I work with writers according to their needs, making the most of each one's strengths and following or leading according to each client's direction. Because I am an author myself, my first novel and short story published in 2016, my second novel in 2021, I know you are looking for what an editor can do to enhance your own writing, to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Are you a confident writer and self-editor and just want that final pair of fresh eyes on your manuscript? I can help you clear away any snags that might keep you from providing your reader the smoothest reading experience possible. One potential client commented that my sample edit showed how I could take her modern romance "from garage band to gold record."

Do you have a draft and a dream, but you know your work is not up to the high standard you want? Are you struggling with the big-picture issues of consistent characterization, story arc, style, and overall impression? I can work with you in developmental editing, drawing on my thirty-plus years of teaching writing to come alongside and coach you in the things you can do that will make the most difference the fastest. In even more streamlined help, I can give you my popular Manuscript Assessment, a true overview of what is most promising and what needs most work before you come to closer editing work--many clients have used the Manuscript Assessment in lieu of a more-expensive developmental edit.

As a lover of beautiful writing and as a novelist and short story writer myself, I have a deep commitment to quality fiction, and I am active in online groups of independent authors and editors. But as a long-time educator and writer and editor of curriculum and organization documents, I bring the savvy of long experience to the needs of non-fiction writers as well. I have provided editorial services for a sweeping novel of African history as well as works about Britain, China, Israel, Italy, Panama, Portugal, Rome, Spain, and the United States, ancient to modern. I work with short fiction and nonfiction as well. I have served both independent authors and small presses, and I enjoy reviewing my own leisure reads on Amazon and Goodreads. In previous years I developed writing, literature, history, and other curriculum for high school and college students and curriculum plans for schools in several U.S. states, and I've written and edited documents and procedure manuals in many venues of business, education, churches, charities, and government. Everywhere I go I find my writing and editing in demand.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on whatever your writing dream might be!

Note: Although I am open to some sensuality, violence, and strong language, I prefer not to edit extensive erotic content, graphic violent content, gratuitous strong language, nor occult material.

Cindy Rinaman Marsch

Please read my Reedsy reviews below that catalogue many productive partnerships with happy authors!
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Work experience

Editor, Writer

October, 2015 – Present (almost 6 years)

I am an author of historical, biographical, literary fiction and short stories thus far, with plans for cozy mysteries and contemporary fiction in the years to come. I have found my favorite work offering professional editorial services, with enthusiastic acceptance from small presses and individual authors as soon as they saw what I could do for them. A recent special offering is the cost-effective manuscript assessment, offering detailed notes from a read-through and an editorial assessment document, the whole designed to guide an author's revision, usually allowing the author to move right to a copyedit as the next stage.

Guest Lecturer

Grove City College
August, 2016 – December, 2019 (over 3 years)

(Still on the rolls for future need of the college.) Taught one or two sections each semester of Foundations of Academic Discourse in the Writing Department to freshman students from all academic disciplines, conducting class lectures and exercises, interacting on a class message board for essay discussions, and extensively evaluating three essays and a final exam. Our curriculum includes critical thinking, grammar and style instruction, and the principles of academic writing of several types: exposition, persuasion, synthesis, and critical review, with a professional standard and citation of sources in all essays with journalistic attribution and MLA, Chicago, APA, and CSE style sheets.

Instructor of Writing

Veritas Academy Online
September, 2010 – May, 2015 (over 4 years)

Developed and taught Composition 2 to students in grades 8-12 for this online school, helping students learn grammar, style, and basic essay forms for description, persuasion, comparison, and narrative. In our online live class meetings I managed groups of up to 22 students, engaging them in discussion, writing exercises, peer critique, and imitation of great writing samples. Much of my instruction was in the form of individual essay evaluation in extensive comments for each student.

Writing Tutor, Writing Evaluator, Curriculum Developer

May, 1996 – Present (about 25 years)

As a young mother watching the growth of homeschooling all around me and hearing the desires of homeschooling parents for quality writing instruction for their older children, I began teaching online when the technology allowed only exchange of simple files and emails. I developed many writing courses using the Great Books, ancient rhetoric exercises (Progymnasmata), and other high-quality resources, and in time I became a consultant for many private schools for their writing programs. It is wonderful to work with students throughout their secondary education and then watch many of them go on to become important writers, educators, and other professional in their own right.

Instructor of English

Florida State University, Auburn University, Tallahassee Community College, Los Positas College
August, 1982 – May, 1995 (over 12 years)

In these different colleges, taught courses including remedial writing lab, freshman composition, freshman article and essay workshop, sophomore literature, written business communications, and business report writing part time (FSU, TCC, LPC) or full time (Auburn University) intermittently through these years.

Portfolio (21 selected works)


Brady, Richard B.

The Gift of the Seer

Laugheed, K.B.

Bring Me Back Home

Thatcher, D. R.

Stuck in Manistique

Cuesta, Dennis

Cindy has 54 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Catherine DePasquale
It was a pleasure working with Cindy. She is very knowledgeable, and her feedback was a tremendous help to me. Because of her insights and suggestions, I am now prepared for a rewrite with a clear focus on my theme and plot. She completed the project very quickly, while providing a thorough analysis of my novel, chapter-by-chapter. I would definitely recommend Cindy as a highly-skilled editor.

Catherine DePasquale, May 2021

Cindy Marsch
I really enjoyed delving into Cathy's story and connecting with her intentions, and I can't wait to see how it comes into its own in the revision!

Reply from Cindy Marsch

Elizabeth Dirsa
Cindy was so great! Very communicative, professional, super knowledgeable and completely helpful. She read my half finished memoir and provided six full pages of helpful and supportive comments. She recommended resources to help my project, and told me what worked and what didn't work. Plus, she is an incredibly nice and caring person. Even though I've never actually met her, that came across. ...
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Elizabeth Dirsa, April 2021

Cindy Marsch
It was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth as she shapes her painful history into a readable memoir, and I look forward to helping in the next stage, as needed.

Reply from Cindy Marsch

Bruce Stachenfeld
Cindy has done a FANTASTIC job for me so far. I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed with her thoughtful, careful, yet at the same time, creative, advice. I find myself lucky to have her on my team.

Bruce Stachenfeld, April 2021

Cindy Marsch
It has been an energizing adventure just to do the preliminary work for this massive project, and I've very much enjoyed my interactions with Bruce. One of my greatest satisfactions as an editor is...
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Reply from Cindy Marsch

Suzanne Richards
Working with Cindy was a great experience. She provided me with a thorough and thoughtful manuscript assessment for my novel. Her insights on character POV and pacing of my draft manuscript were invaluable and provided much food for thought for my rewrite. Throughout the process she was professional, transparent and kept me well informed of timing and progress. Her support and enthusiasm fo...
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Suzanne Richards, March 2021

Cindy Marsch
It was a pleasure to work on Suzanne's fascinating novel of Reformation-era Germany, which explores what happens when individuals are caught up in their times, as are we all. I am grateful my feedb...
Read more

Reply from Cindy Marsch

Sherianne Davis
I’m new to this process, so I was a bit apprehensive, unsure, about what I was about to experience. I was drawn to Cindy because of her direct, open response to my initial request for a manuscript review. She has not failed me, but has been clear, responsive, approachable, and importantly, patient, throughout our collaboration. Her skill level is excellent, so a collaboration with her wou...
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Sherianne Davis, February 2021

Cindy Marsch
I am enjoying very much the experience of entering Sherianne's world in her memoir stories and poems, and I look forward to watching these develop for our ongoing collaboration.

Reply from Cindy Marsch

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