Christopher Doll

Christopher Doll – Designer

Artist and designer who specializes in space, astronomy, and science fiction subjects.


I am an artist who specializes in science fiction book covers, including the Hugo Award winning Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers, published by HarperCollinsUS

In college I studied film production, fine art, and Industrial Design. For over 17 years I was a User Experience Designer in the software industry, and lead designer at a well-known game company.

At the start of any project, I like to work with the author to craft an image that best suits their story. Typically I begin with several sketch studies that help define the overall layout, color, and tone of their cover. Once we have agreement on the artistic direction, I begin working on the actual artwork. The artwork is then presented for review before finalizing the project so that the author or publisher is happy with the result.

I am inspired by many great science fiction and astronomy artists like John Berkey, John Harris, Vincent DiFate, Chris Foss, and Bob Eggleton. Comfortable with both traditional painting and digital tools, I like to create a unique look using color and contrast to make a title exciting.
Action & Adventure Military Science Fiction Short Story Space Opera Young Adult
Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences Entertainment

Work experience


Jan, 2003 — Present

Professional artist and illustrator, working in both traditional and digital media, specializing in science fiction and astronomy themes.


The Foundry

Mauldin, J Fitzpatrick

Book One in the Fractured Galaxy trilogy, Random Walk is the story of three U.S. Air Force Space Command astronauts: Colonel Derek Williams, a mild-mannered, experienced space traveler; Captain Jacob Mendez, the ship's playful navigator; and civilian Vicky Abr... read more
Coloring Space 1

Christopher Doll

24 unique spaceships and scenes, presented on individual pages for you to color. Designed and drawn by Christopher Doll.
Q5 formed in Seattle in 1983 and released 2 successful albums, Steel The Light and When The Mirror Cracks. The band reunited after an invitation from the Bang Your Head Festival and subsequently performed in festivals all over Europe, rekindling their desire t... read more
CultTVman's Ultimate Modeling Guide to Classic Science Fiction Movies features 152 pages of material covering all your classic science fiction subjects: Forbidden Planet, War of the Worlds, 2001, A Space Odyssey and more! Contents includes: A Trip to the Moon ... read more
The acclaimed modern science fiction masterpiece, included on Library Journal's Best SFF of 2016, the Barnes & Nobles Sci-Fi Fantasy Blog Best Books of 2015, the Best Books of 2015, Reader’s Choice, as well as nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, ... read more
A Publishers Weekly "Best Books of 2017" pick!Nominated for the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Novel!Shortlisted for the 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award!Winner of the Prix Julia-Verlanger!Embark on an exciting, adventurous, and dangerous journey through the galaxy with ... read more
Return to the sprawling universe of the Galactic Commons, as humans, artificial intelligence, aliens, and some beings yet undiscovered explore what it means to be a community in this exciting third adventure in the acclaimed and multi-award-nominated science f... read more

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Brian F.

Brian F.

May, 2023

Christopher worked with me on a tight deadline and helped me finally pull an idea that's been in my head for decades and finally bring it out into the real world!
Thomas S.

Thomas S.

Apr, 2023

Christopher helped me understand the process of making cover art, and took the time to understand the content that I was interested in. I highly recommend him.
J. Fitzpatrick M.

J. Fitzpatrick M.

May, 2022

Christopher has been a pleasure to work with. During the entire process I felt as if he was inside my head, understanding the needs of the project. He has been responsive and is crazy talented. I hope to work with him again in the future.
Fowler B.

Fowler B.

Dec, 2020

Christopher was fantastic to work with. He came to our first meeting with a sketch already done up, based on my brief and a short discussion of ideas, and then continued to refine that foundation over multiple rounds of feedback. He was thorough and thoughtful, and his art was simply stunning. His eye for detail and composition really turned the basic concept into a fully fledged cover. I would...
Read more
Tim R.

Tim R.

May, 2020

I asked for two covers, for books 2 and 3 in a series where Christopher had already done the cover for book 1. Even with the doubled workload and the insanity of the Covid pandemic, he knocked it out of the park. I got beautiful cover art, and I know it's going to draw eyes to my books.

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