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Chris S. – Editor

An experienced editor dedicated to making your thoughts and meaning clear and helping your writing have the significant impact it deserves.


A native of Washington, DC, and having done very well in demanding English, literature, and communications courses at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, I began editing professionally in early 2009, taking care of numerous high-importance documents being produced by my coworkers, initially as a sort of extra role, but it quickly morphed into a full-time career once I realized I had a knack for it. I began with documents bound for senior leadership within the U.S. government and gradually expanded to dozens of other clients over the years, all with varying degrees of expertise with written English, ranging from experts to novices.

As a professional editor, my role relative to your project is threefold. First: I will be your guide, correcting your course, allowing you to reach your goal of having your voice heard, understood, and valued. Second: I will be your teacher, helping you learn how to make your voice clear, concise, and appropriate to your audience, thus magnifying the impact of your message. Finally: I will be your personal sounding board, serving as a source of thoughts and ideas for fully focusing on your intended message and sharpening your writing, as well as poking holes in or challenging your thoughts and ideas that could cause you to stumble.

I have experience -- in both fiction and nonfiction -- across multiple industries, sectors, fields, disciplines, types, academic and education levels, age ranges, roles, governance levels, and (sub)genres. This experience includes significant ESL, personal, and fiction documents. I am able to work in several media, including the primary Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), websites (no coding experience), and PDFs. I also have worked with most of the major style guides and a few of the more minor style guides.

For more information, contact me with your questions, and I will answer them as quickly and detailed as possible.

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Work experience


Nov, 2010 — Present

I have worked as a professional editor since November 2010, in the head office from February 2012 to October 2014 and remotely for the remainder. I have edited over 8 million words in this time and have received numerous four-and five-star reviews, to include the following provided by a regular client on July 5, 2021:

[I am] an outstanding editor. My documents always come back substantially better than expected with useful insights included. This service is exceptional.

I have also edited for a number of other clients over the years, including short stories, novellas, full-length novels, full sagas, and a number of business and self-help related works.

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