Celia Chalfoun

Celia Chalfoun – Editor

Science fiction and fantasy editor with a strong focus on World building, Character development, Symbolism, and Incluing. English/French.


If you're a science fiction or fantasy writer looking for an editorial assessment or/and a developmental edit, you're in the right place! In my work, I emphasize elements that are crucial in creating a story with strong foundations: World building, Character development, Symbolism, and Incluing (the subtle weaving of information into the story). I love diving deep into a manuscript, feeling the world you created, and coming back out with as much insight as I can.

I’ve been lucky to work with over 20 authors here on Reedsy and many more in different capacities. Whether writing is still new to you and you’re looking to develop your craft or you’re a more experienced author, I can help! As a writer myself, I understand the work that comes with the craft, and I will focus my time and energy on helping you take your story to the next level. After all, science fiction and fantasy are all about exploring new horizons and new ideas!

I strive to provide:

- helpful, detailed comments and suggestions;

- clear guidance while respecting your voice and working on what makes you unique;

- a strong focus on world building: shortcuts, simplistic social descriptions, inconsistencies that affect the plot… Every manuscript has its issues and after so much time spent writing it, it’s perfectly normal if you stop noticing them. We all need to take a step back once in a while!

- help through a tool called mind-mapping: I love to draw diagrams. They reveal so much about the inherent structure of a story, the movements between characters and events, and the symbols that keep on showing up;

- an attention to the narrator’s voice and its related issues: does your story need one or several viewpoints? Does the narrator's voice shift within the story, without any apparent reason? Through a misuse of the narrator’s voice, are you infodumping and/or can we improve the incluing?

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any question! I'm always happy to chat.


Dystopian Epic Fantasy Magical Realism Post-Apocalyptic Space Opera Steampunk Urban Fantasy
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (NZ) English (UK) English (US)
  • Distinction from the Québec Ministry of Higher Education for the title Analyse financière (published in Jan 2014)
  • Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire 2018 nomination for my short story La Route des Orsadoles

Work experience

Bouquins & Confidences/Fantastika

Jul, 2020 — Present

One of the best jobs I've ever had: I present curated selections of books on any topics I'm interested in. I tend to mix science-fiction/fantasy, natural history/life sciences, and queer fiction/non-fiction.


Oct, 2010 — Present

I write travel content for several of Hachette's imprints. Some titles I've worked on: Norway, Japan, Rajasthan-Gujarat, Tuscany, United States, China, Egypt, Portugal.

School of Social Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton)

Jun, 2017 — Dec, 2017 (6 months)

Surrounded by the brightest minds of the social sciences field, I planned seminars, reviewed and translated books and speeches, and developed online content for journalists, publishers, and various institutions.

TC Media

Mar, 2013 — Sep, 2015 (over 2 years)

I managed the production of textbooks from manuscripts to final printing. I worked on a variety of topics ranging from Physics to Criminal Law.
I was awarded a distinction from the Québec Ministry of Higher Education, for the title Analyse financière (published in Jan ’14)

Hachette Tourisme

Jan, 2010 — Jun, 2010 (5 months)

I coordinated travel guides development from inception to printing, working closely with the many departments involved in bringing books to life!

Editions Denoël

May, 2009 — Aug, 2009 (3 months)

I worked for the speculative fiction collection Lunes d'Encre. My job involved a mix of manuscript reading, working with authors on their upcoming publications, designing and creating catalogue content and organizing events related to new publications.


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Celia has 26 reviews





Steve B.

Steve B.

Jan, 2024

Célia over-delivered on all of my expectations.
Scott M.

Scott M.

Jan, 2024

I highly recommend working with Celia!
Ben H.

Ben H.

Dec, 2023

Celia was the perfect editor for my project! She was professional, patient, kind, and diligent. Her work is excellent. She invests herself in the editing process, and takes seriously what the author is trying to do as a creator. I cannot more highly recommend her for editing work!
Steve C.

Steve C.

Nov, 2023

Celia was the first editor I worked with and I can confidently say that I was thoroughly pleased with the results. She took an interest in my story and was very thorough with her Editorial Assessment. In addition to the Assessment, she provided her honest opinion about where my story was in the process of getting ready for publishing. This helped me think about my story in a different way and e...
Read more
Tiffany M.

Tiffany M.

Oct, 2023

Celia gave an excellent review of my novel. The critique was biting but super helpful. She pointed out what was missing and how it could be better. With encouragement within the document. I like this careful examination of my story along with the document being longer than two pages. This helps entirely on my writing process. Thank you, Celia!

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