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Bellingham, WA, USA

Help Authors Design Gorgeous Book Covers that Beckon Readers | Beautify Book Proposals | Build Platforms | NYT, WSJ, USA | 2M Earned Online

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➡️ Publishing That Matters

Are you an image-bearer of Jesus ready to step into the harvest and do fruitful work that matters to God and the world? We believe that publishing the right authors has the uncanny ability to initiate redemptive possibilities, restore souls from idolatry and injustice, and bend the spiritual direction of society.

➡️ Positioning That Impacts

Do you possess a holy ambition to expose harm, recapture truth, and bring hope to the world through paradigm-shifting ideas and transparency? We believe that positioning the right authors—spiritually serious, culturally astute—has the power to demonstrate Christ's fearless love to the nations.

➡️ Legacy That Lasts

Do you desire to magnify the virtuous and mitigate the vain through the power of story and counter-cultural narratives? We believe that committing one's talents and resources to bringing beauty and justice into places of brokenness will shape future generations to become fully alive in the work of God's Kingdom.

➡️ My Mission

I help to redeem culture through you by transforming the years you’ve invested into your ministry, career, or business into a soul-impacting book design. I believe in helping influential men and women like you lean into your unique gifting, wiring, and positioning so that you can selflessly serve others. I've worked on dozens of best-selling books (including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the #1 book on all of Amazon).

My design process operates simply:

1) Determine the vision for the cover
2) Create the cover
3) Receive feedback on the cover
4) Make edits and adjustments to the cover
5) Finalize the cover
6) Create and send print-ready files of the cover to the author in the size desired (ebook and paperback).

To show, not tell, is perhaps the golden rule of writing. This applies to cover design as well. All of the covers in my portfolio were designed by my tight-knit design team. 



💬 “I had a burden to release a book, but I did not have the time or expertise to make it happen. Then I found the secret sauce: Caleb Breakey and his team.” — Michael Todd, pastor of Transformation Church, Secured Traditional Book Deal With WaterBrook & Multnomah

💬 "As an aspiring author, Caleb and his team helped me make that jump. They were able to take my vision and my idea and formulate my words to convey my message perfectly. Thank you!" — Elizabeth Cook, CEO of Integrated Being, Leveraging Book to Enroll Clients into 90-Day Workshops and Weekend Retreats

💬 "I had all this cool stuff in my head but didn't know what to do with it. Caleb and his team are the experts with this kind of problem. They are a great company to do business with and have a fantastic process for people who want to get their thoughts and ideas into a book." — John Hawkins, Business Consultant, Keynoted to 100,000 in Two Years, Featured in Entrepreneur on Fire, Forbes, and Inc.

💬 “Caleb Breakey and his team serve as a catalyst to the blueprint God has for your life. If you’ve put that content away in a file—never to be used again—then you need to get in touch with Caleb.” — Nate Sweeney, The Abiding Network Founder and Directional Leader, Growing Email (3,000) and Offering Book-Related Online Workshops

💬 "If what you have to say is worth being heard, it is worth being published. The purpose the author is to provide the message. Caleb and his team can help deliver that message." — Randy Borders, Pastor and Consecrated Bishop, Planned 30-Day Speaking Tour and Achieved 2X His Investment in One Month



My wife and I began married life by purchasing more than 50 books about writing. We would often pen stories for hours at a time while serving as live-in night managers at a retirement facility.

I spent the next decade breaking into the traditional publishing industry. I was honored to pen a non-fiction manuscript that was named a Christian Book Award finalist by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, win the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Award for fiction writing, and teach at writing conferences across the nation.

I sold 20,000 books but found myself unsatisfied with the results. So I took a four-year break to learn marketing secrets from a mentor who'd spent $1 billion in online ads. What good is a message, after all, if you can’t get it out to the world? A few years later, I earned the prestigious 2 Comma Award via the marketing platform ClickFunnels.

Now my clients have hit all of the best-sellers lists—New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon—and I am a proud director of HarperCollins Christian Publishing's Author Gateway. I have been incredibly blessed to help hundreds of aspiring authors lean into their unique gifting, write their books, build their platforms, and win book contracts.

I believe books are the big domino that knock down all of the MASSIVE aspects of impacting souls, such as building your authority, growing your reach, accelerating your impact, and increasing your influence. Writing a book helps you do work you're passionate about and leaves a legacy that stands the test of time.

The words I long to hear at the end of my life were penned hundreds of years before my birth, in Numbers 14:24: "But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land."


1: You have an opportunity to impact the world.

Does that resonate with you? Are you that rare person who not only desires to impact as many souls as possible, but also takes the steps required?

Focus on the MAIN THING instead of being distracted by secondary tasks that will not contribute to a lasting legacy. Set your heart on fulfilling your potential, impacting lives, and hearing, “Well done!”

2: Aspiring writers tend to believe that their personal hardship is what will make a great book. But it is what you DO with your hardship that makes a great book. “The only way out is through” is a quote I often refer to when this topic comes up. So the question you must ask yourself is, "Have I worked my way through?"


Loving God, loving people, doing justice, loving mercy, walking humbly.

Teamwork. Friendship.

Spending time with my wife, Brittney. Playing with our two mini huskies (Boone and Stormie) and our Shiba Inu (Winnie).

Working on something creative, hanging out with friends, drinking coffee at a local shop (trenta cold brew, splash of heavy cream, please), reading lots and lots of books, watching documentaries, working out while either listening to podcasts or watching a game, or driving somewhere just for the fun of it.


What sets my process apart from from other book collaborators is my background in strategic career development and guidance for writers. I don’t just want to see great books written; I want to see great books actually be read and their authors to profit from them. Though that may sound basic, aspiring writers tend to underestimate what is required to accomplish sales and revenue, which is vital if your message is going to reach hundreds of thousands of readers.

I help authors accomplish this by:

📚 1) Building their authority by writing their book, launching it as a #1 best-seller in its subcategory, and equipping them with a full media kit and scripts for reaching out to podcasts and conferences.

🌱 2) Growing their readership with a systemized process of building their loyal readership, which makes sure their message gets into the hands and hearts of those who need it most.

3) Accelerating their impact by guiding them in the creation of additional products and services, which gives their readers a clear next step after finishing their book.

4) Increasing their influence with omnipresent social media marketing, which broadcasts their message to the ends of the earth.

This exact process has helped hundreds of leaders and pastors:

• Land their literary agent of choice and secure traditional book deals
• Achieve best-seller status (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the #1 best-selling book on all of Amazon).
• Keynote to 100,000 people in two years.
• Get featured in Entrepreneur On Fire, Forbes, and Inc.
• Create online workshops and coaching programs.
• Win high-paying consulting jobs.
• Enroll readers into 90-day workshops and weekend retreats.
• Grow email lists by the thousands.
• Earn $30,000 during a 30-day speaking tour.


My goal is to make sure that the book writing process doesn't turn your life upside-down with decision fatigue. Truth is, working with a book collaborator is only one step of your journey to publication. That's why I make sure you don't have to think about the other steps.

When you choose to work with my process, you receive:

• A clear path toward Self-Publishing (keep your intellectual property and earn 100% of your book royalties) or Traditional Publishing (earn up to a $10,000 advance and enjoy mass distribution)

• A clear purpose of growing your authority, building your platform, landing your literary agent, or signing your book contract

• A clear outcome of a #1 best-selling launch week in an Amazon subcategory, reaching 1,000s of your ideal readers on a weekly basis, receiving a professional book proposal and custom platform, or introductions to literary agents and acquisition editors

• A stress-free experience in which we help you title and subtitle your book, design your cover, format the interior of your book, copyedit and proofread, write your back cover sales copy, design and produce your media kit, coach you on connecting with your ideal readers, and train you on book sales success secrets.

Business & Management
Career Guides
Christian Non-Fiction
Health & Wellbeing
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Writing & Publishing
Christian Fiction


  • ​Written, edited, and worked on dozens of best-selling books (including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the #1 book on all of Amazon)
  • ​Penned a non-fiction manuscript that was named an ECPA Book Award finalist
  • ​Won the ACFW Genesis Award for fiction writing
  • Graduated from the Christian Writers Guild's Craftsman Course
  • ​Featured in Better Business Bureau, Outreach Magazine, Conscious Millionaire, Pro Church Tools, Your First Thousand Clients, and Christianity Today
  • ​​Earned the prestigious 2 Comma Award via the marketing platform Clickfunnels for generating over 2 million online

Work experience

HarperCollins Christian Publishing Partner

January, 2021 – Present (over 1 year)

Portfolio (86 selected works)


McCracken, Thomas

Extreme Faith Workout: How to Stop Being a Couch Potato Christian

Mays, Dr. Branddon A., Grillo Jr., Dr. Jerry A.

Sunday School Sweethearts

Cole, Rebecca J.

The Storm Within

Dunne, T.S.

Caleb has 13 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Rebecca Cole
Very pleasant experience. Professional work. very satisfied with final design.

Rebecca Cole, July 2022

Christopher Hall
Caleb and his team took my book to the next level with a beautiful, inspiring cover. I was even more excited to publish when I saw the unique design they had created for me.

Christopher Hall, April 2022

kereen hurley
Very patient , professional, creative and understanding.

kereen hurley, April 2022

Laura Lane
Caleb has done a phenomenal job on my book cover!

Laura Lane, April 2022

Jeeva & Sulojana Sam
I'm sorry to have to write this unfavourable review, but I also need to state the facts. I hired Caleb because of his experience creating covers for Christian non-fiction books and stellar reviews. Our working relationship started off well. Caleb was quite responsive. However, as time went on, it changed. He could not honour the promised completion date and went incommunicado for 3 days. He ...
Read more

Jeeva & Sulojana Sam, March 2022

Caleb Breakey
Thank you for sharing your experience. Will address some of the concerns mentioned in this review. —Completion date was not met due to number of changes requested to cover over time; several rou...
Read more

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