Bruce Cantley

Bruce Cantley – Editor

Higher education editor with 30+ years of experience (both in-house and freelance) developing texts in the humanities and social sciences.


With 30+ years of experience in higher education publishing, I am well-placed to help authors and publishers plan and develop successful first edition and revised print and online content in the humanities and social sciences. My experience includes developing texts (and often writing content) for a variety of disciplines, including English composition, literature, technical communication, education, anthropology, political science, communication, and the arts. I am a meticulous editor with a track record of working with authors on multiple editions of their texts.


Bruce has been our go-to editor on four editions each of our texts Technical Communication and Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace, including helping to launch the first edition of Strategies, now in its 4th edition, as a successful contender in the marketplace. For each edition of both texts, Bruce has meticulously reviewed each chapter, carrying it from first draft to production-readiness, all the while keeping tabs on permissions, art, features, and more to ensure a smooth journey into print. For the most recent editions of both books, Bruce drafted a wealth of online materials, quizzes, exercises, writing prompts, and more to help carry the books into Pearson’s interactive Revel platform.

- Laura J. Gurak, Professor, Department of Writing Studies, University of Minnesota

- John M. Lannon, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Bruce edited the 8th Canadian edition of Technical Communication, Canada's best selling tech comm book. He's the best editor with whom I've worked on the eight editions of that book. Bruce was highly professional; he met all deadlines; he understood and adhered to stringent publishing processes and schedules; and he was very thorough – nothing got missed. He displayed two main traits of a perceptive editor: he was alert to the nuances of my writing style and he spotted ALL errors and redundancies. Our project included an interactive online book as well as the print version. Bruce's mastery of relevant software programs and his experience with Pearson's Revel immersive learning experience made my author's task much easier. During the several months of collaboration on the project, I was impressed with Bruce's communication with me and the publisher.

- Don Klepp, Department Chair, Professional Communications Department, Okanagan University College

When I was Editor-in-Chief at Houghton Mifflin, Bruce was both Associate Editor for literature and technical communication and a "floater" editor within the larger department. I was impressed with how Bruce could adapt to developing books in various disciplines within the group and how he always had strong rapport with his authors. As Executive Editor at Pearson, I oversaw Bruce as he developed multiple revisions of the market-leading Technical Communication as well as the first and subsequent successful editions of Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace. I have always been impressed with Bruce's planning and development skills, as well as his congenial relationships with authors and editorial team members.

- Suzanne Chambers, Former Executive Editor, Pearson Education, and Editor-in-Chief, Houghton Mifflin Company

Education & Reference Humanities & Social Sciences Technology
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Nov, 2005 — Present

● Strategize print and online book plans with the author, acquisitions editor, and development manager, based on my analyses of competing products and editorial reviews
● Oversee chapter-by chapter development, closely reviewing author work, writing/modeling text, devising special features, finalizing art and photos, and maintaining turnover schedules
● Liaise with team members from various departments (production, marketing, permissions, design) throughout the publishing process
● Create sales-oriented Prefaces and other marketing materials
● Plan and write online content, including interactivities, PowerPoint presentations, video scripts, image descriptions for the visually impaired, and teaching resources

Houghton Mifflin company

Jan, 2002 — Nov, 2005 (almost 4 years)

● Served as the primary editor for the literature and technical communication products lists, including the market bestsellers for each list
● Created publishing plans for revised titles for these lists, including revision plans, financial and sales projections, schedule, and budget allocation
● Developed products for other disciplines (English composition, developmental English, education) as needed and available
● Supervised Editorial Assistant, summer interns, and freelancers
● Represented the company at professional conferences