Brittany Gneiting

Brittany Gneiting – Designer

Nutella connoisseur who crafts colorful worlds full of exciting new friends who help kids learn life lessons that expand their imagination!✨


Hi there! I’m Brittany, an illustrator with three years of experience in the delightful world of children’s books and educational illustration. Prior to this, I obtained my BFA from Brigham Young University - Idaho and completed a certificate in 3D animation from Animation Mentor. There are more similarities between these two disciplines than one might think! Both emphasize visual storytelling, which, as a reader, is a great asset to deeper understanding and connection with the characters and themes in each story.

Once deadlines and finances are set in order, I love to read through the script for each project and discuss goals and vision for each story with the writer. I want to know who the characters are and what they struggle with. Who needs to hear this story and what do they need to learn from it? I then create rough character sketches and storyboards with those goals in mind, planning out how to visually communicate the story alongside the script. After approval, I produce color comps, refined sketches, and the final illustrations. Each step of the process is presented for approvals before progressing to the next step to ensure you are in love with your book!

Picture Books
  • 3D Animation

Work experience

Nu Skin

Oct, 2023 — Present

Collaborate with and assist the head of the Production Team to meet needs for each new and existing project, all
while maintaining consistency with products across all markets and ensuring each aligns with brand guidelines
Scrutinize artwork to ensure spelling is accurate, copyright information is updated, product dimensions match specifications, and that all Pantone and CMYK colors are represented in the slug
Assemble high resolution files for vendors: conducting preflight measures, organizing press plates into layered files
to clarify dielines, spot colors, gloss varnishes, metallic inks, and matte coatings

Imagine Learning

Jun, 2023 — Present

Adhere to style guides, all while quality checking that no errors are present in data for student and teacher versions of readers and other source material
Create engaging, stylized, kid-friendly clothing, accessories, and backgrounds for a universal avatar, receiving and adapting feedback to fulfill style specifications for the project
Conduct research and design and paint characters, props, backgrounds, and clipart for a fun animated alphabet video series, prioritizing clarity in visuals to enhance viewer comprehension, participation, and learning


Apr, 2019 — Mar, 2024 (almost 5 years)

Taking inspiration from script, research, plan, storyboard and design layout for two charming children’s books titled, “Mrs. Blisswhiskers” and “The Tooth Fairy of Difflewood”
Working off feedback from the client, craft unique and endearing characters and props in a colorful and engaging style to invite children to explore magical new worlds
Meticulously prepared print-ready files in Indesign, placing type and selecting appropriate fonts


Cover Design Illustration
Cover Design Illustration

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