Brittany Dowdle

Brittany Dowdle – Editor

Skilled, empathetic editor with over a decade of experience with NY publishers. Finalist for 2022 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award (nonfiction).


**Currently only booking manuscript evaluations for summer 2022**

You’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can on your own. You sense that more is needed, but you’re not sure where to focus. Maybe feedback from beta readers has been inconclusive.

Enter the manuscript evaluation, an affordable way to get professional guidance on your manuscript without investing in a full developmental edit.

A manuscript evaluation is a concise, big-picture analysis that will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript and provide suggestions for improvement. It will focus on the top three to four areas for improvement that will help take your text to the next level.

If you’re looking for general feedback on plot, structure, characterization, narrative voice, writing style, narrative flow/pace, and setting, this is a good place to start.

You’ll receive an eight- to ten-page report, but there will be no markup in the actual manuscript. After you review the assessment, I offer thirty minutes of email follow-up free of charge so we can address any questions you have and make sure you’re ready to move forward with revisions.

Now booking manuscript evaluations for summer 2022.

You’ve taken your book as far as you can on your own, but you need an experienced professional to help you get to the finish line.

For over a decade, I've been working with major New York publishers, niche presses, and independent authors on both fiction and nonfiction projects.

My favorite genres are science fiction/speculative fiction, historical fiction, and mystery
(cozy, police procedural, historical), but I also enjoy nonfiction—from quirky pop culture to women’s history to the economics of the Star Trek universe.

As a developmental editor and manuscript evaluator, I balance my enthusiasm for my clients’ projects with the objectivity needed to provide an actionable analysis of story structure, characterization, narrative voice, and more. Finding the nexus where theme, plot, and character coalesce is one of my strengths as an editor.

As a copyeditor, I’m proficient with Chicago style and Merriam-Webster (despite my unrequited love for the OED!). If you're planning to self-publish, it's important to have a copyeditor who understands industry standards and best practices—and who can ensure consistency while maintaining the author’s voice. Whether working with NY publishers or indie authors, I’m known for my solution-oriented queries that make it easy for authors to implement revisions. I believe there’s tangible value in creating a positive editing experience for authors, and I enjoy being part of that process.

If you’ve taken your book as far as you can on your own, message me to talk about how we can work together to make it ready for publication.

Here's what my clients are saying:

"I am very pleased with Brittany's advice for my novel. She has an excellent understanding of my theme and the story line. Her comments are easy to understand, yet professional and knowledgeable. She provided a progress report while she was working. Her communication with me was regular, purposeful and encouraging. . . . In short, I highly recommend Brittany."
—Doug Saldivar

"Brittany was the best choice I could have made on Reedsy. She is very helpful and professional. You can tell she cares about each project she takes on."
—Tyrell Simon

"Working with Brittany is a pleasure. Every book we place for copyediting receives the same excellent and professional edit with an attention to detail that never fails to impress. Highly recommended."
—Debra Dixon, Publisher, BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books, Author of GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict

"Brittany may be the best copyeditor I've ever had. She queries where needed, she knows her grammar and checks for consistency and never goes too far. I would crawl on glass to have her copyedit my books."
—Diana Pharaoh Francis, Author

"I'm finally getting thru the details of your edits and they are amazing--you have far exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed by your attention to detail, how thoroughly you look at the big picture and give a global view as well as a line-by-line view . . . I will never work with anyone else."
—Shannon Hammer, Author

"Brittany is a versatile proofreader and copyeditor. She has handled different fiction genres and has always been reliable and efficient."
—Robin E. Cook, Production Editor, Kensington Publishing

I’m active in these professional organizations:
• Editorial Freelancers Association: I’m a founding member of the EFA Diversity Initiative and the co-director of the Diversity Initiative Welcome Program.
• Independent Book Publishers Association
• ACES: The Society for Editing
• Professional Editors Network (PEN)
• Bay Area Editors’ Forum

My continuing my professional education includes:
• The Author-Editor Clinic: Developmental Editing
• Editorial Freelancers Association: Developmental Editing Series (Three-course series); Book Mapping for Developmental Editors; Additional Continuing Education (line editing, etc.)
• Trauma-Informed Editing
• Independent Study

As an editor, reader, and writer, I support diverse voices and believe in the power of representation.

Action & Adventure Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Urban Fantasy
Business & Management Writing & Publishing
English (US)
  • Finalist for 2022 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for my book, Networking for Freelance Editors
  • The Author-Editor Clinic Developmental Editing Course
  • Developmental Editing Series (Intro-Advanced)
  • Book Mapping for Developmental Editors
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, UNG, graduated summa cum laude

Work experience


Jul, 2011 — Present

Since 2011, I’ve been providing authors and publishers with professional editing services, including developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. If we work together, your manuscript will receive a balanced, professional edit, and you’ll be treated with respect and consideration. I’ll be candid, courteous, and help you make your work the best it can be.

Girl Friday Productions

Jul, 2014 — Present

St. Martin's Press

Aug, 2012 — Present

BenBella/Smart Pop Books

Feb, 2012 — Present

Belle Books

Dec, 2011 — Present

Kensington Publishing

Dec, 2011 — Present

Peachtree Publishers

Jan, 2006 — Apr, 2006 (3 months)


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Brittany has 4 reviews





Mark P.

Mark P.

Jul, 2022

Brittany's editorial assessment was thoughtful and comprehensive. Brittany demonstrated her understanding of the intent of my story before digging into the suggestions for improvement. The suggestions were very helpful. I would work with Brittany again.
Tyrell S.

Tyrell S.

Feb, 2021

Brittany is the absolute best! Easy, straight forward and cares about the vision of your project.
Tyrell S.

Tyrell S.

Nov, 2020

Brittany was the best choice I could have made on Reedsy. She is very helpful and professional. You can tell she cares about each project she takes on.
Doug S.

Doug S.

Aug, 2020

I am very pleased with Brittany's advice for my novel. She has an excellent understanding of my theme and the story line. Her comments are easy to understand, yet professional and knowledgeable. She provided a progress report while she was working. Her communication with me was regular, purposeful and encouraging. I will be spending the next few months working on revisions and correcting pun...
Read more

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