Beste Dogan

Beste Dogan – Designer

Seasoned book typographer and cover designer with over 10 years in print publishing experience.


I am a professional book designer and been workin in publishing over 10 years. I work and live in brooklyn, NY.

I love books as an objects and believe design elevates the book, makes it easy to reach its potential. I enjoy designing covers as much as I enjoy working on typesetting it. Working on inDesign feels like a gaming to me. And my biggest enemy is the orphans! That sound wrong if you don't get the context I guess...

I have worked with publishing houses, museums and colleges on many long formatted publications. Such as fictions non-fictions, children books, exhibition catalogues etc. I have also worked on year end & environmental impact reports for companies. I enjoy telling stories on pages with the design elements.

I work fast. I guess the best example would be the book I have made for Melville House. I formatted the whole Mueller Report, turn into a book and sent to print in 5 days. It was a crazy experience but since then I call myself an emergency crash book designer :)

Biographies & Memoirs Humanities & Social Sciences Sex & Relationships
Children's Classics Contemporary Fiction Literary Fiction Thriller & Suspense

Work experience

Mellville House

Jun, 2018 — Present

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