Barbara Noe Kennedy

Barbara Noe Kennedy – Editor

After working as a nonfiction book editor for years at NatGeo, I know the ins and outs of publishing from ideation to final proofing.


I worked for 23 years at National Geographic as senior editor of travel publishing, where I managed the creation of illustrated travel books, including the award-winning National Geographic Traveler guidebook series. I was involved in every step, including ideation, marketing, covers, photo selection, and the actual writing and editing. I left in 2015 to go freelance full-time, during which time I’ve also been teaching creative nonfiction writing and travel writing at a local university.

I specialize in travel, but even in travel that means books with all of the required elements of a narrative arc. I can help you with any and all stages of your book, including developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading. I’d also love to help you with your book proposal and query letters.
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  • Certificate in Art History from Smithsonian Institute

Work experience


Apr, 2015 — Present

I have taught the ins and outs of travel writing and creative nonfiction to after-work professionals since 2015. I also offer lectures that are virtual tours of the South of France and Paris.

National Geographic Society

May, 1993 — Oct, 2015 (over 22 years)

For 23-plus years I navigated the vision of National Geographic’s travel publishing program, including brainstorming and testing ideas, managing the creation of books from conception to publication, and conducting developmental and line editing and proofreading on hundreds of books. I also wrote marketing blurbs and promotional copy.


Jan, 1990 — Present

I have been a freelancer since 1990 (going full-time in 2015), writing travel, food and adventure stories for the National Geographic Traveler, Los Angeles Times, London Telegraph, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Fodor’s Travel, Lonely Planet, Reader’s Digest Books, and more. Other publications include numerous National Geographic travel book chapters, as well as National Geographic Traveler: Provence & the Côte d’Azur, the National Geographic Walking Washington, D.C., and two other single-authored guidebooks.


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Bruce M.

Bruce M.

May, 2023

Barbara cuts to the core of your writing right away, makes suggestions that are spot-on, and does so in ways that encourage and inspire rather than discourage. She is exactly the kind of coach I need and look forward to working with her until I cross the finish line. She is a real pro and understands your struggles.
Ellen B.

Ellen B.

May, 2023

I could not be more impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that Barbara brought to my book project. She exceeded expectations in every aspect and demonstrated a deep understanding of the nuances of storytelling and characterization, providing invaluable guidance in refining the manuscript by helping me to identify issues and how to fix them. If you are an author looking t...
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John M.

John M.

Dec, 2022

It was pleasure to work with Barbara. She was prompt and skilled with her edit of my textbook. She could skillfully explain what my manuscript was missing in a way that helped me to create a more complete product. Merry Christmas.
Patty G.

Patty G.

Sep, 2022

Barbara did an over the top editing and proofing of my book. The first edit set me on the right road for the making the book 95% better. I liked what she did so much I rehired her to do the final proof which turned out to be a full second edit. She is detailed oriented, spot on with what needs to be fixed and I feel confident that once I have followed through with this second edit/proof I will ...
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Patty G.

Patty G.

May, 2022

I am just beginning to work on Barbara's edits - they are very complete, detailed and give me a well structured roadmap for moving forward. Besides basic grammar editing she highlighted spots that needed more information, better explanations, and suggestions for parts to delete or change. Barbara noted in her comments about the book that some "heavy lifting" editorially was needed on her part ...
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