Into Trouble


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The story of how one shy teenager ended up in some of the scariest trouble imaginable

Author Paul Gorman has been through more than most. In his late teens, he set off from his home in the Pacific Northwest and headed out across the United States on his way to visiting Europe and exploring what life had to offer before settling down. Not only did he endure freezing temperatures waiting at gas stations for someone to hitchhike with, he underwent car chases across a state border, unwanted advances, and strange conversations with someone who planned to get married in the middle of nowhere. All of this paled in comparison to being held against his will for attempting to cash travelers checks in someone else's name.

 While Gorman's story does include fun times and beautiful descriptions, it is the descriptions of being trapped in the Canary Islands that are so powerful. At the time of his travels, Francisco Franco's reach included not only Spain, but also included the Canary Islands. The dictator was extremely dangerous, and many readers in the United States and United Kingdom may not picture this when looking at the Canary Islands in 1969, as today it is a popular tourist destination. We tend to think of Franco as something restricted to the age of World War II and just after, but it was a very real threat, whether you were an American tourist or not.

Gorman does his best to include light moments in the book, such as when a pretty rash young woman takes one look at him and asks if he'd like to get a hotel room and tries to invite herself inside, despite his frequent denials and requests for her to bug off. The book is definitely a coming of age story, and along the lines of books like On the Road, and much less depressing than Into the Wild. Gorman's writing is clear and honest. He doesn't try to shy away from cases where he was in the wrong, or confronting his difficult home life.

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Paul Gorman is a filmmaker and writer. His books are available online, and his film “Ride The Sky” streams on Roku channel DocsNow Plus. In addition, he spent years working in the tech industry designing circuit boards, parts, and assemblies for fortune five hundred companies, including Boeing. view profile

Published on October 01, 2021

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