Ariel Kregal

Ariel Kregal – Designer

An Illustrator focused in visualizing the fantasy and magic of telling stories.


Starting out in Theater, I made my way through a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology at University at Buffalo. I went to persue Costume Design, quickly realizing I loved to communicate through imagery. How does the initial sketch inspire a characters look in real life? These first sketches are then used to communicate with the director, other designers, and the costume shop. (See Founders Keepers for an example Costume Rendering). This excitement for the magic of image story telling continued into my other fields: poster design, character design, scenic design, and commision work. This lead to very fun avenues that have gotten me here today.
Fun things I've illustrated in the past:
~A children's piano music book about aquatic animals
~Projections for the live adaptation of the Junie B Jones Musical
~Many theatrical posters

In terms of your project, I like to communicate as much as possible with you. I will take you every step of the way and will have questions as well. We will first discuss what style would you like. As mentioned before It is nice to communicate through imagery as well so if there is an image of mine you enjoy, as well as any pinterest inspirations you may have pocketed, I want to see! So I can better envision your world. I tend to gravitate toward a more etchy and painterly style. We can then talk about if you would like to have a more landscape focus or character focus in the illustrations.
Critiques are alway welcome. I tend to get back within a day or two with new ideas/sketches after notes are given.

I look forward to adding whimsy to your project!
Children’s Non-Fiction
Fantasy Picture Books

Work experience


Jun, 2016 — Present

I create costume and scenic designs for the stage, film, opera. A handy skill when it comes to character and scenic illustration.


Mar, 2016 — Present

I take commissions of DnD Characters, Landscapes, Portraits, and Posters.

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