Anthony Moravian

Anthony Moravian – Designer

Award winning book cover illustrator specializing in Fantasy and Sci-fi. Clients include Fantasy Flight Games, Palladium Books and more.


I'm a New York-based artist working in fantasy book covers and tabletop card games. Over the course of my career I have had the pleasure of working with Dustin Yellin Studios, Fantasy Flight Games, Palladium Books, Atomic Games, Upperdeck, Galaxy Press and many others.

With each project I take on, my primary goal is to work alongside the client to create a work of art which exceeds their expectations. Each project begins with a phone call, covering the client's visions, pricing, and detailing the deadlines for each step in the illustration process, from sketch to finished product.

Concept sketches generally take about a week to complete. At this point, the sketches will be sent to the client for approval, and the selected piece(s) are then revised, perfected, and ready to use for their personal projects!

Published Finalist for Illustrators of the Future vol. 33
1st quarter winner for Illustrators of the Future vol. 34
Classics Fantasy Horror Magical Realism Science Fiction Short Story
  • Illustrators of the Future vol. 34 first quarter winner

Work experience

Dustin Yellin Studios

Oct, 2018 — Present

Senior realistic painter responsible for concept art and rendered sculptures to realize the artist’s vision.


Feb, 2017 — Present

Award winning illustration of Writers of the Future vol. 33 and 34.

Client List Includes:
Fantasy Flight Games, Upperdeck, Atomic Games, Palladium Books, Galaxy Press, Pelgrane Press, Iron Crown Enterprise

Published Finalist for Illustrators of the Future vol. 33, 1st quarter winner for Illustrators of the Future vol. 34


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Sam P.

Sam P.

Nov, 2023

Amazing work. I've worked with Anthony three times now, and each time he has met or exceeded my expectations!
tebily D.

tebily D.

Oct, 2023

Anthony is very professional He is a good man He is very kind and understanding With a lot of talent
Mike S.

Mike S.

Aug, 2023

I would absolutely recommend Anthony to hire for your project. He absolutely nailed the sketches and really captured the essence I was looking for.
C. J. K.

C. J. K.

Apr, 2023

He kept me in the loop on his progress the entire project. It was a pleasure working with him.
Jared R.

Jared R.

Jul, 2022

Working with Anthony was an absolute pleasure. His passion for the project was felt in the work and his enthusiasm and dedication was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again someday!

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