Ann Maynard

Ann Maynard – Editor

I help authors write an irresistibly compelling book that sells their work, raises their profile, and gains them more exposure.


For over a decade, I've helped authors, entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives create and refine books that propel their brand, amplify their expertise, serve their audience, and do more than just deliver a great read. As a developmental editor, my job is to give my clients a 35,000-foot view, to assess what's working and what's not, and, most importantly, show them how to fix it.

I work with authors at every stage of the writing process. So, whether you have an idea, a word salad, or a nearly-finished draft, I’ll work in close collaboration with you to ensure that your message resonates, your audience stays engaged, and your book is positioned to help you reach your goals. My job is to tell you what you need to hear, to give you honest feedback and actionable advice you can use to make your book better.

If you’re looking to flesh out an idea, (re)structure your draft, punch up your writing, or even if you just want a second set of eyes and a little cheerleading, I can help.

"Ann offers more than editing; it's a coaching process. She makes you feel smart but still guides you to make the changes necessary to have a great book. I published a clearer book, which guided more people to my service, which made me a lot more money."
— Chris Cooper, author of Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief: The Four Phases of the Entrepreneur's Journey

"Ann helped us completely take our existing draft apart, streamline it, and reassemble it. She spotted the gems that were hidden in our writing but drowned under lots of random and disconnected thoughts, and she unearthed the narrative that would hold it all together and would engage the reader. She turned our, at times, rambling, scattered, and long-winded ideas into a coherent and crisp story. We came to her with a rough (and very bulky) block of marble, and she guided us in chiseling away the edges to reveal the beautiful sculpture that was hidden underneath."
— Max Frenzel, author of Time Off: A Practical Guide to Building Your Rest Ethic and Finding Success Without the Stress

"If you want to get clear on the most pressing changes you can make for the biggest impact on your manuscript, Ann is the person you need to call."
— Jonas Altman author of Shapers: Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future
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Joshua M.

Joshua M.

May, 2022

Ann has been an invaluable resource for me and completely reshaped the vision I had for my book.
Robin M.

Robin M.

Apr, 2022

Ann has been a pleasure to work with. She has inspired me to write the best piece of work I can! I would recommend her to any writer in need of guidance and expertise!

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