Alicia Williamson

Alicia Williamson – Editor

Writer/editor with a PhD and 10+ yrs experience in kids and adult non-fiction, incl pubs with Hachette, Cambridge UP, DK and Nat Geo


I'm a wayfaring academic with a PhD in English and Cultural Studies who made editing and writing my full-time gig when I moved from the US to the UK eight years ago. I've taught writing, literature, and theory at universities, handled communications for a nonprofit I helped found, and served as the founding chief editor of a feminist media startup. Today, I'm one half of an authorial team (Quotabelle) represented by InkWell Literary Agency and co-author of four popular gift books on women in history and a companion guided journal (put out by Quarto and Hachette). As a freelancer, I've done developmental editing, copy editing, proofing, Americanising, and research for organisations, publishers of children's and adult's nonfiction, and a variety of digital platforms. Besides having the classic pre-reqs for a good copy editor (thoroughness, reliability, deep knowledge of grammar & style conventions, a meticulous eye for detail), I've got a huge unchecked curiosity problem and a big old blazing passion for making ideas that matter accessible.

I can give your work a final polish or provide big-picture feedback to move you toward a publishable product. I'm an ace at copy editing for clarity and making manuscripts consistent with particular style guides. As a one-time scholar and lecturer in gender, sexuality, and women's studies, I'm great at ensuring texts are inclusive and sensitive to broader cultural contexts. My relocation from the US to the UK has also given me a special knack for converting content written in British English for American audiences and vice versa. You can expect me to deliver timely edits in the format that is most convenient to you. I'm always ready to hop on call if you'd like to talk through my feedback.
Children’s Non-Fiction Education & Reference Entertainment Geography History
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience

Dynamo Limited (book packager)

Mar, 2018 — Present

I have freelanced for this UK-based creative agency for children's publishing and properties on a variety of projects published in the US and UK by National Geographic Kids, DK, Lonely Planet Kids, Kingfisher, and more. I have worked on everything from gaming guides and entertainment biographies to self-care activity books and environmental, STEM, historical, and geographical reference works.


May, 2014 — Present

I joined the founding exec team of this startup founded by a social entrepreneur in 2014, overseeing the development of the brand style guide and strategy for a custom content platform designed to help people discover and share the ideas and stories of remarkable women and girls. Since then, I have co-authored five books with the CEO. We've sold more than 100K copies of our themed collections of quotes by women and the fascinating, inspiring stories behind them.

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