Alex M-S

Alex M-S – Editor

Children's book editor with experience in editing and content creation, passionate about championing people's stories—and writing her own.


I'm a passionate book editor with nearly a decade of experience working in both children's and adult publishing. I've worked on titles ranging from board books to young adult novels. I've also worked on licensed titles with brands and organizations like the Smithsonian, the Jane Goodall Institute, PBS Kids, John Deere, and more. I care deeply about championing people's stories—and writing my own.

I have gained extensive knowledge of how the publishing world works and have developed and sustained relationships with industry professionals across the board from fellow editors, art directors, marketing professionals, freelancers, agents, etc., whom have all helped improve my knowledge of our industry.

I have an undergraduate degree in English with a concentration in creative writing and a master's degree in writing and publishing. I have worked as a production editor as well as a traditional editor. Both roles have taught me the ins and outs of book production and manuscript development.

While my experience is in editing, my first love will always be writing. I understand the trials and tribulations that can come from trying to get words on to the page, to get your story out in the world. I'm no stranger to writer's block and the insecurities that can come from being vulnerable enough to share things through writing. It's this empathy for being an artist that I believe makes me a good editor because I understand the writing process from the inside.

I would be honored to help a future client in anyway I can. My professional experience lies within children's books, but my interest and heart extend to many adult genres as well. I'm currently seeking adult romance novels to edit and help develop.

I'm available for manuscript critique, development, and/or editing, as well as proofreading, query writing help or critique, editing and/or proofreading of non-manuscript materials (academic papers, articles, shorter works of fiction, résumés, etc.,), and ghost writing. If you have a project you feel doesn't fall under one of these categories, please reach out and ask about it. I would love to talk to you about your next creative endeavor and wish you much luck getting it out in the world.

Children’s Non-Fiction Sex & Relationships
Holiday LGBTQ Fiction Middle Grade Picture Books Romance Young Adult
English (US)
  • Basic Manuscript Editing from University of Chicago
  • Project Management course from University of Chicago

Work experience

Independent Publisher

Oct, 2018 — Present

Albert Whitman & Company

Jul, 2015 — Sep, 2018 (about 3 years)

Albert Whitman & Company

Oct, 2014 — Jul, 2015 (9 months)


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Shannon M.

Shannon M.

Apr, 2024

Alex has been a huge help through this process, answering all of my questions and providing valuable feedback and guidance. After my second round of edits, I feel like she’s gotten me to a place where I can move forward with next steps. Her suggestions are creative and thoughtful and funny!! I have enjoyed chatting with her. And hope we will get to work together on more books in the future.
Darlyse T.

Darlyse T.

Feb, 2024

Alex....10/10! You will truly get your money's worth with Alex. My childrens' book was fairly short with sensitive content but Alex gave such great feedback, I ended up applying about 80% of it. She was so supportive, encouraging, and honest in her communication. Bear in mind I am not a professional writer so I needed help as a newbie. Thank you Alex. I made the right choice working with you.
Alex M.
Oh, Darlyse, this made my whole week! Thank you so, so much for your kind words. I'm thrilled my feedback and notes were helpful to you. Wishing you all the best.
Mike M.

Mike M.

Sep, 2022

Thanks again Alex for your professional work I’ve completed and I’m selling my first book Alfred the cocky rooster and now I am working on the second one with your help. I appreciate your honesty and boldness to give opinions and direction that can be very helpful even though I don’t agree with everything. Your critiques provoke thought and are very helpful in challenging my thinking and persp...
Read more


Aug, 2022

Awesome job. Very encouraging and honest. thank you for all your help
Jonah Keith Y.

Jonah Keith Y.

Apr, 2022

I selected Alex to help me with a children's book project. She provided me with an editorial assessment and a copyedited version of my manuscript. Both contained a wealth of great information, insight, and edits. I utilized many of her thoughts and edits and applied them to my story. The value was very good and her pricing was also good and fair. I would absolutely hire Alex again for the same ...
Read more

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