Abbie Headon

Abbie Headon – Editor

Wide-ranging, attentive and enthusiastic editor with expertise across humorous fiction, romance, crime, memoir, self-help and gift books.


My career in publishing has covered a wide range of genres, starting with popular science at Oxford University Press, progressing on to all kinds of general non-fiction at Summersdale Publishers, and focusing on humorous fiction at Farrago Books, an imprint of Duckworth Books.

Whatever project I'm working on, I always bring my full engagement and enthusiasm, and my greatest pleasure comes from working closely with authors. My role is that of a facilitator: my suggestions are based on my 18 years of publishing experience and market knowledge, and my goal is to help every book shine, in terms of structure, consistency, accuracy and tone of voice.

As well as being an editorial professional, I am also a published author, so I understand deeply how important communication is at every stage of the publishing process, and I know how tenderly manuscripts need to be looked after!

I offer Development Editing, Proofreading, Query Letter Review and Editorial Assessment. If you have any questions about my services and areas of expertise, please do drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.

Finally, here are some testimonials from authors and companies I've worked with:

‘Abbie made the process of editing my books not just painless, but actively pleasurable. She has a terrific eye for detail, an astonishing ability to choose exactly the right words, and impeccable judgment and tact when it comes to what should stay and what should be cut. She also has a fine sense of humour and is stunningly efficient. In short, she is easily the best editor I have ever worked with.’

Beth Miller, author

‘I know I've said this before, but Abbie Headon really is terrific. I never want anyone else to be the first person to read anything I write.’

Isabel Rogers, author

Abbie is a joy to work with and always provides a diligent and careful proofread. She has been patient and flexible with project timings, with a very fast turnaround for urgent projects. Abbie is one of my most reliable proofreaders and I highly recommend her.

Emily Bedford, Senior Commissioning Editor, Canelo Books

‘Abbie is simply outstanding. She has a deep understanding of every aspect of the publishing process, from her unfailing instinct for the right tone for a tweet to an iron grip of schedules and budgets. It’s incredibly rare to find someone with her breadth of skills and experience who’s also creative and commercially savvy. (She’s also one of the world’s loveliest people, which is a bonus.)’

Alison Jones, Director, Practical Inspiration Publishing

‘We are so pleased to have Abbie on Team BookMachine. She is enthusiastic about everything relating to publishing; and has a great grasp on current trends and what the readership will be interested in. A great asset to a publishing team, with many skills – and definitely one to watch!’

Laura Summers, Co-Founder, BookMachine

Biographies & Memoirs Education & Reference Self-Help & Self-Improvement Writing & Publishing
Cozy Mysteries Humor & Comedy Romantic Comedy Women's Fiction
English (UK) English (US)
  • Bookseller Rising Star, 2018

Work experience


Apr, 2017 — Present

I provide a wide range of editorial services to publishing clients, including structural editing, proofreading, and submission assessment. I commission and edit articles for the BookMachine blog ( and I also provide social media help to various organisations. As well as private clients, I work with Bloomsbury, Canelo, DK, Duckworth, HarperCollins, Octopus and Quarto.


Dec, 2019 — Nov, 2020 (11 months)

I created original, trend-led new book concepts for the Gift & IP Team at HarperNonFiction. This involved contacting potential new authors and developing proposals with them, writing attention-grabbing copy and researching the market for each proposal.

Duckworth Books

Apr, 2017 — Feb, 2020 (almost 3 years)

I commissioned and edited over forty comic novels for the Farrago list of ‘fiction to make you smile’, as well as a popular science book and a historical novel for the Duckworth list. I set up a new content management system, and worked with Nielsen to approve the ONIX feed and collaborated with Bookswarm to design and build the Farrago website.
I had regular meetings with agents and authors, presented titles at book fairs and signed rights deals, and I also worked with authors, narrators and studios to create audiobooks.

Summersdale Publishers, Chichester

Aug, 2010 — Mar, 2017 (over 6 years)

I commissioned new titles across travel, gift and self-help, and I also wrote, edited and copy-edited typescripts and managed all production schedules. I implemented a new content management system across the company, developed a new company website and contributed to social media activities.

Oxford University Press

Sep, 1999 — Sep, 2005 (about 6 years)

I held a range of increasingly responsible positions, beginning as Editorial Assistant (Science Books) and progressing to Assistant Commissioning Editor, Biology. I project-managed books for academic and trade markets from proposal to publication, and prepared financial forecasts for all new projects, using Excel and SAP.


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Abbie has 5 reviews





Séamus M.

Séamus M.

Oct, 2022

When I finished writing my novel, I realised the daunting part lay ahead - getting published. Thankfully some unseen hand guided me to Abbie Headon. I engaged her expertise to fine tune my literary agent query letter. She carried me through that project with professional ease, but she gave me much more - bits of advice, reduced my angst around the publishing world, and let go of the bike saddle...
Read more
Kate R.

Kate R.

Sep, 2022

I was very pleased with Abbie’s assessment and edits of my ms. She provided comments upon a range of aspects along with suggestions for improvement and I found her feedback clearly and sensitively explained; she gave me insight as well as enthusiasm for my work, for which I am grateful. I found Abbie professional and a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend her services.
Riya A.

Riya A.

Jul, 2022

The copyedit I received had some quality issues. The copyedited manuscript contained too many punctuation inconsistencies and punctuation errors either introduced or left uncorrected. Very nice editor, but too many missed opportunities for corrections.
Rebecca K.

Rebecca K.

Apr, 2022

I absolutely loved working with Abbie on the developmental edit of my nonfiction manuscript. She communicated very clearly in terms of when she would be available and hit the nose on that timetable, I think, to the minute! She provided me with a very thoughtful review of the structure, flow and title of the book, and then included notes throughout the entire manuscript, plus some proofreading ...
Read more
Kevin C.

Kevin C.

Mar, 2022

Abbie is a terrific editor. I engaged her services for a developmental edit of my first novel. Her feedback was detailed, thoughtful and incredibly helpful. I felt that she really engaged with the manuscript and worked hard to help me make it a better novel. Her considerable book-editing experience shone through at every step of the process.

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