Aaron Lelito

Aaron Lelito – Editor

I'm editor in chief of an art/lit website and a college English instructor who loves all forms of creative writing—both poetry and prose.


I am a college-level English instructor, who is interested in all forms of creative writing and self-expression. In addition, I serve as editor in chief of an online publication that brings together visual and literary arts and provides a welcoming platform for artists and writers to reach a larger audience.

My editorial skills are best suited for writing that engages with nature, environmental topics, self-development, personal narrative, psychology, consciousness, Eastern spirituality, and related fields. My goal as editor is not to provide a formula for success; rather, I seek to connect with the writer's source of inspiration, to clarify the intended messages, and to help polish each piece as it nears completion.

As a workshop facilitator, I have experience with all facets of the writing process, from creativity exercises and generating ideas to fine-tuning word choices, punctuation, and layout.

Contemporary Fiction Literary Fiction Poetry
Humanities & Social Sciences Nature Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (US)

Work experience

Wild Roof Journal

Dec, 2019 — Present

▪ Description of publication:
The themes of nature and environment are of particular interest, so the concept of “the wild” is something we explore in each issue. We are most drawn to work that considers the connections and points of tension between the wild and tame, the natural and civilized, the spontaneous and structured.
▪ Publication Details:
6 issues per year, web and PDF format; discussion-based podcast accompanies each issue.
▪ Workshop Facilitator:
Manuscript Review: Creating a Cohesive Poetry Collection
Fine-Tuning: Preparing Writing for Submissions
Feedback from contributors:
"The community engagement with Wild Roof is so different from other journals. It feels like a real active family, rather than separate categories--writer, publisher, reader. It's all one flowing organism!"
"The WRJ podcast is just the right level of nerdy (but not pretentious) fun; the riffing and talk of craft is inspiring."

The Closed Eye Open

Mar, 2020 — Present

▪ Description of publication:
We're interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to consciousness, including pursuits that stem from a scientific background, a spiritual tradition, a liberal arts discipline, or an intrinsic desire to investigate one’s own subjective world. We would like to explore the creative output of anyone who has spent time with the big questions—whether those questions are on the grand cosmic scale, are more focused on the human condition, or are grounded in personal and practical concerns.
▪ Publication Details:
3 issues per year, PDF format
Monthly micro poetry feature

Hawkes Learning

Sep, 2019 — Nov, 2021 (about 2 years)

I contributed instructor materials as well as a poem to the college writing textbook Navigating Narratives. I also provided copy editing for Hawkes materials.

Ohlinger Publishing Services

Nov, 2016 — May, 2018 (over 1 year)

I provided copy editing for various Pearson writing & composition textbooks.


Sep, 2009 — Present

If it involves writing, chances are I've taught it! I have experience teaching intro writing courses, composition for humanities and STEM fields, research writing, and workplace writing. I particularly enjoy working personal reflection and narrative into these courses as well, since a unique touch or two really helps make academic writing more dynamic.
My background in education definitely informs my approach as an editor, since working with students requires patience, encouragement, and empathy, along with the more technical aspects of the writing process.
Student reviews:
"He literally is the best English teacher/ professor I have ever had. He puts thought into his work and is very detailed. He doesn't take forever for assistance. If you do get a chance to have him remember always hand in your drafts early the more times you get him to proofread hell up the grade. 100 stars if I could!"
"I like Professor Lelito a lot! SUPER nice and willing to help you get the best grade possible. You can always reach him outside of class. If you don't do the work you will simply not pass. He is nerdy but in an awesome way. He likes to see his students pass. Papers are not hard to write but involve effort!"
"One of the best professors Ive ever had. Hes truly an amazing teacher, and anyone would be lucky to have him for class! If you ever need help on an assignment or want to boost your grade up, he's there to help. I wish he taught more English classes. Professor Lelito is an extremely kind, caring, and intelligent individual."

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Morgan S.

Morgan S.

Apr, 2023

Working with Aaron was wonderful. This is my first poetry collection about a dark time in my life and he took the time to review each poem in depth, gave useful, specific suggestions and met with me for an hour each month on Zoom to discuss progress of the project. I highly recommend him for someone who wants an editor that will go the extra mile with your work, and is sensitive to tough topics.
Sally M.

Sally M.

Mar, 2023

Aaron was thorough, gracious and helpful in all his comments. He was more than willing to work with my specific areas of concern. He often gave me suggestions for wording that improved my work. He's an excellent poetry editor.
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Feb, 2023

Aaron provided an insightful editorial assessment of my manuscript. His comments were both practically useful and deeply encouraging. I could sense that he has a deep respect for a writer's voice and seeks to amplify its gifts through his feedback, while not shying away from constructive critique. He was easy to work with, punctual, and he addressed everything I asked him to at the beginning of...
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Holly S.

Holly S.

Jan, 2023

Aaron's advice on my manuscript was extremely valuable. He answered my questions about structure and provided insightful comments and revisions on each individual poem. I can recommend him wholeheartedly.
Leah S.

Leah S.

Oct, 2022

I selected Aaron due to genre (prose poetry) and writing style/tone/interests and chose wisely! Though a bit "late in the game", I wanted a developmental editor to review my completed work prior to self publishing. His edits of my debut book were thorough and insightful, providing options and helpful comments. He was very tolerant of my overuse of dear colons. In fact his teaching background sh...
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