Stephanie Hunter

Stephanie Hunter – Editor

Copy-editor and proofreader. Trained in-house at Pearson and Michael O'Mara books. Specialises in non-fiction.


I believe in clear communication. English is a wonderful tool when used correctly, but the smallest error can lead either to confusion or hilarity. I have many years of experience in making sure that doesn't happen. Ensure your text reads without a single stutter and allows the reader to enjoy and understand what you want to convey.
Copy-editing and proofreading in Word and Adobe.
Art Biographies & Memoirs Children’s Non-Fiction ELT Parenting & Families Political Science & Current Affairs Travel Writing & Publishing
English (UK) English (US)
  • Book House diploma in copy-editing
  • History, MA Hons, Oxford University

Work experience

Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar

Dec, 2015 — Mar, 2016 (3 months)

Edited material from the Principal Investigator on a sponsored research project aimed at establishing the impact of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on domestic legislation in Qatar.


Jan, 2012 — Present

Working primarily for Akkadia Press, Bloomsbury Qatar, Weill Cornell University and IESE in Barcelona, publications I have edited have included non-fiction political, environmental, art, art history, educational and economic works as well as children's books, catalogues for museums such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, UN and government papers. I have written for the parenting/lifestyle publication Doha Family Guide and have ghost-written articles for the retail industry.

Qatar Olympic Committee

Oct, 2011 — May, 2012 (7 months)

Proofread English-language text for Arab Games publications generated by the Olympic Committee. Compiled and wrote all copy for the Official Programme for the Arab Games.

Vision in Business and EMAP

Jul, 1998 — Aug, 2006 (about 8 years)

Researched and wrote conference programmes for a range of industry sectors including telecoms, pharmaceuticals, plastics, retail and local government. Ran in-house training courses for junior programme managers.

Michael O'Mara Books

Jan, 1997 — Jun, 1998 (over 1 year)

Ran a list of publications including biographies, poetry, children’s books, historical studies. Managed all stages of editorial process: copy-editing, proofreading, illustrations, jacket images, sales copy, author relations, production control and design. Supplied and approved material for foreign rights sales.
• Re-wrote publications when required and assembled material for my own books.
• Worked with high-profile figures including Andrew Morton (on Diana) and Trevor MacDonald.
• Managed the company’s first venture into audio production.

Longman (now Pearson)

Jun, 1993 — Dec, 1996 (over 3 years)

Managed over 100 titles. Diverse topics included health and childhood in Britain, medieval archaeology, contemporary politics, economics and sociology. Editorial process involved discussing styles and themes with authors, commissioning freelance copy-editors and proofreaders, picture-researchers and indexers. Managed reprints and wrote ‘blurbs’. Ran my own series.


In the first attempt to cover the urban society of early modern Europe as a unified whole, Christopher Friedrichs challenges the usual emphasis on regional diversity by stressing the extent to which cities across Europe shared a common urban civilization whose... read more
1st edition 1st printing Caxton hardcover book fine condition dw owners name inside , In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
Britannia Overruled
This book investigates the relationship between ideas about childhood and the actual experience of being a child, and assesses how it has changed over the span of 500 years. Hugh Cunningham tells an engaging story of the development of ideas about childhood fr... read more
This is an interpretation of the life, personality and political career of David Lloyd George which attempts to challenge the traditional view of Lloyd George as an outsider in British politics. The book explains the economic, social and political developments... read more
For quarter of a century now the British Army has been involved in a bloody and protracted conflict in Northern Ireland. This book looks at the roots of the current struggle and of British military intervention, setting both in the longer perspective of the An... read more
This work is an exploration of the relationships of the constituent parts of Great Britain, to understand how England, Wales, and Scotland have interacted and influenced each other, and how the modern British policy and its distinctive institutions have emerge... read more
The Post-Imperial Age looks at the impact on the wider world of the end of the European empires and their replacement by a new order dominated by East - West rivalries. Begins by looking at decolonization and goes on to discuss the different patterns of experi... read more
This practical but inspiring book considers what local history is, why researching it is valuable and rewarding, and how we should go about it. Issues addressed include: getting oral and documentary evidence; keeping records; the nature of data, information an... read more
Title: Emergence of a Nation State <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: Alan G R Smith <>Publisher: Taylor & Francis
1994 2nd Edition. Many notes in margin & some highlighting of key points. Softback cover id edgeworn, but acceptable and priced competitively. Proceeds help us provide patient care. Prompt UK dispatch.
Globes: Visions of the World (English and French Edition)

Louvre Abu Dhabi;Bibliotheque nationale de France;Catherine Hofmann;François Nawrocki

This work uses remarkable works from the Bibliotheque national de France and others of cartography, art, science and technology to tell the fascinating story of how humanity has understood our planet and the cosmos across two and a half millennia.
Tracing the birth of the Musee du Louvre in Paris in the 18th century, this beautifully crafted trilingual work sheds light on the way a public collection is formed, drawing mainly on the collections of the Musee du Louvre and the Chateau de Versailles.
Elegant, culturally accessible and beautiful, this work of original aphorisms in Russian and English from the perspective of a very successful business magnate features exceptional design and production values to ensure a striking, relevant and truly high-qual... read more
An analytical survey of Britain in the era of the Great War (focusing particularly on the period 1907-1922), which questions the common assumption that, because the war had a devastating impact on the British people, its social consequences must therefore have... read more
Ataturk (Profiles In Power)

Alexander Lyon Macfie

This concise account of the life and career of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881--1938), the formidable "founder of modern Turkey", offers a substantial revaluation of a key figure in modern history, and also an introduction to the Turkish republic itself. It is a t... read more
Bluebell is a beautiful and haughty but mischievous cat. She lives in a rather ramshackle household which does not always provide the lifestyle she feels she was born to enjoy. In her delightful diary she records her daily thoughts on the peculiar exploits of ... read more
Mal Lawal

Qatar Museums Authority

Qatari Voices is the first anthology that represents 25 young creative Qatari authors. The anthology reflects concerns and aspirations of the young Qatari generation illustrated in essays and stories. They are intimate glimpses of old reminiscence and longing ... read more
Tea with Nefertiti

Sam Bardaouil


Andrew Morton

One of the world's best-known biographers, Andrew Morton is a leading authority on modern celebrity, and one of the finest investigative writers of our age. His ground-breaking and controversial biography, Diana: Her True Story changed the public's perception ... read more

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