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Sherry Mooney – Editor

Over 11 years experience in literature, anthologies, and short fiction at Macmillan. I'm always looking for exciting new projects!


Over my career, I have worked for a number of publishers, most notably Macmillan, as well as several small fiction presses. My primary work for the past seven years has been in humanities textbooks, with a focus on literature, anthologies, and composition, though I have done freelance work on several novels over the past couple of years as well. I bring a thorough, careful eye to each project and enjoy working with authors at a wide variety of developmental stages.

I'm open to a variety of projects and genres and love working with new authors!
Action & Adventure Anthologies Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Short Story
Biographies & Memoirs History
English (US)
  • Editing Certificate, University of Chicago

Work experience


Aug, 2011 — Present


A unique resource for first-year composition, Habits of the Creative Mind encourages college writers to be curious and follow their own paths in order to discover their own interests. Portable and flexibly arranged, the second edition of this innovative text o... read more
You don't get over killing your sister's husband. Accident or not. When twenty-four-year-old Kate Hathaway graduated with honors from Emory University, she couldn't wait to begin an exciting career in publishing. But one stupid mistake on a cold, rainy morning... read more
This raw, three-story collection about the dilemmas of family relationships is crafted for short interludes of reading.A car mechanic despises his aging parents for the toll they take on his time. A farmer nurtures his land but blames his son for the death of ... read more
The book intertwines the stories of three professionals from different countries who cross paths in Asia, against the backdrop of the landscape of globalization—the diverse countries, cultures, and international businesses which are the fabric of the novel. It... read more
Signs of Life in the USA works in the classroom because students love to talk and write about popular culture. Signs of Life teaches students to read and write critically about pop culture by providing them with a conceptual framework known as semiotics, a fie... read more
Finally, the collected works you’ve been waiting for: visual, historical, contextualized. Based on the New Cambridge Shakespeare edition of the text, The Bedford Shakespeare gathers the 25 most frequently taught plays and augments them with the rich historical... read more
Long one of the most popular composition readers on the market, The Bedford Reader combines timeless readings with the leading voices of our day. It takes a practical and flexible approach to the rhetorical methods, focusing on their uses in varied writing sit... read more
50 Essays: A Portable Anthology is the best-selling value-priced reader in the country because its virtues don't stop at the price. The book’s carefully chosen selections include both classic essays and high-interest, high-quality contemporary readings to trul... read more
Shapeless Summers

Thompson, H.

It has never been more important to learn how to locate relevant, credible sources, to evaluate competing ideas and arguments, and to share our thoughts with others in a compelling, well-supported manner. This edition of The Bedford Researcher, like those that... read more
Connecting reading and writing to the work students do in their other courses and to reading and writing in the workplace, Subject & Strategy goes beyond other rhetorical readers in the accessible writing instruction if offers at such an affordable price. This... read more
Best-selling authors Laurie Kirszner and Stephen Mandell have brought simplicity to the study of argument with the third edition of Practical Argument. A straightforward, full-color, accessible introduction to argumentative writing, the text employs an exercis... read more

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Raymond S.

Raymond S.

Mar, 2023

I enjoyed working with Sherry. She is very professional and very supportive.
Sherry M.
Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you as well!
Viktor C.

Viktor C.

Feb, 2023

Worked with Sherry many times. Always on time, and she deeply cares about the projects.
Viktor C.

Viktor C.

Feb, 2023

Professional and on time.
Sherry M.
It was a pleasure working with you again!
Viktor C.

Viktor C.

Oct, 2022

Always on time with great suggestions. Happy to found her on Reedsy. +5 stars.
Sherry M.
Thank you! You're a pleasure to work with and I'm looking forward to collaborating again soon.
Hayden T.

Hayden T.

Jan, 2022

I feel lucky to have Sherry as a proofreader for my novel. She is an experienced editor with a keen eye for various writing aspects, professionalism, and efficiency. She is also gentle and responsive in communication, assisting me to improve my manuscript to its final form, giving me the confidence to go on toward the next steps for the book release. She has helped me with my first novel, which...
Read more
Sherry M.
It was such a pleasure to collaborate with you and to have the opportunity to support your second novel (I have the first on my shelf!). Thank you for your trust and your kind words!