Robert Shore

Robert Shore - Editor

London, UK

Non-fiction editor specializing in art, biography, history and literature. Veteran of a million (well, a few hundred) projects.

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My first job was as a desk editor at Thames & Hudson in London. I then moved a few hundred yards across Bloomsbury to work for Laurence King Publishing (LKP). Art and design were my principal subjects, in particular developing books for the US market. I then started working on magazines but continued to freelance for Yale University Press, where I specialized in history, literature and politics titles, and LKP, where I also commissioned books. At Elephant Art, I served as publisher. And at the same time I wrote some books myself – about art, history and place mostly. So my experience is varied, and my sympathies are quite wide.

As an editor, it's important to identify what makes an author's voice appealing or unique, and then to focus on bolstering and reinforcing it as much as possible. I believe in exercising a light touch; as an editor, it's easy to intervene too much, and do more than is really necessary to make a manuscript 'right'. At the same time, I enjoy a good restructuring challenge!
English (UK)
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Biographies & Memoirs

Work experience

Development editor, copy editor

January, 2020 – Present (almost 3 years)

• As a freelancer, I have developed, edited and proofread hundreds of books across the past 25 years
• Subjects include art, design, history, literature, music and politics
• Publishers include Yale University Press, Laurence King Publishing, Thames and Hudson
• Projects include Ossian Ward, Ways of Looking: How to Experience Contemporary Art (LKP), Mel Byars, The Design Encyclopedia (LKP/MoMA), Nicholas Roe, John Keats: A New Life (Yale) and Mary Heimann, Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed (Yale).


Elephant Art
February, 2012 – December, 2019 (almost 8 years)

• Responsible for contract drafting, all editorial work and the writing of publicity materials
• Titles include Michael Squire et al's The Classical Now, which was nominated by Mary Beard as one of her books of the year in the Times Literary Supplement

Development editor, copy editor

January, 1999 – December, 2011 (almost 13 years)

• Projects for a wide variety of publishers, as detailed above under current job

Project editor

Laurence King Publishing
May, 1996 – October, 1998 (over 2 years)

• Developed art and culture textbooks for the US college market
• Titles include John Griffiths Pedley's Greek Art and Archaeology and Jonathan Fineberg's Art since 1940

Desk editor

Thames and Hudson
January, 1995 – April, 1996 (about 1 year)

• Worked on art catalogues and design titles including Herbert Ypma's London Minimum

Portfolio (20 selected works)

Heroic Failure and the British

Barczewski, Stephanie

Art Since 1940 (3rd Edition)

Fineberg, Jonathan

Knut Hamsun: Dreamer & Dissenter

Kolloen, Ingar Sletten, Skuggevik, Erik, Dawkin, Deborah


Heimann, Mary

The Crusader States

Barber, Malcolm

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