Richard Bradburn

Richard Bradburn – Editor

Professional editor with extensive experience across a wide range of fiction genres and memoir, specialising in developmental editing.


I'm a professionally accredited freelance editor working primarily with indie-publishing authors. Before I was an editor, I was a writer, writing YA, paranormal and fantasy, so I know what it's like on both sides of the desk. This insight has given me a great understanding of what it's like to be edited. One client was kind enough to say that, having been afraid of editors before, working with me had "turned that dread into an immensely positive and cherished experience".

However, I'm tough, and will say exactly what I think a book needs if it's to succeed in fulfilling the author's ambition (which might be writing a New York Times bestseller, or might just be to create a book to give to the grandchildren). Several clients have gone on to sign with agents and get book deals with big-5 publishers, so the process works, no matter how high your level of ambition!

Specialist genres: memoir/fantasy/romance/historical fiction/literary fiction/crime/horror/YA/childrens.
Biographies & Memoirs
Contemporary Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • Client short-listed for Bath Novel Award
  • Publaunch approved supplier
  • ALLi approved supplier
  • CIEP professional member
  • AFEPI professional member

Work experience


Jan, 2015 — Present

Experienced professional editor in all fiction genres other than religious. Have written for middle grade and young adult. Authors have gone on to be shortlisted for major awards, have Amazon bestsellers and been picked up by agents and/or big-5 publishers.
All editing undertaken, from coaching, developmental or line editing, copyediting and proofreading. Manuscript assessments, synopsis, blurb and query letter assessment.
Please see the attached portfolio for a broad spread of fiction genres.


Jan, 2014 — Jan, 2015 (about 1 year)

In-house editor for Amazon's Writeon online platform, giving author critiques on contributors' submissions to the platform. Formed the inspiration for the popular OpeningLines writing website that started in 2018.


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Michael B.

Michael B.

May, 2024

Richard was fantastic. If you want affirmation in your life, get a dog. If you want to produce a quality product, enlist Richard.
Gail P.

Gail P.

Jun, 2023

I've hired Richard twice (so far!)—first for a developmental edit and a year later for proofreading edits. He has been extremely helpful and I will definitely work with him again for future books.
Richard B.
Thanks, Gail! A pleasure working with you. Best of luck with the book!
Stephen L.

Stephen L.

Feb, 2023

Richard has considerable skill as an editor and for a novice writer such as myself his collaboration has been most helpful. His observations are both encouraging and perceptive. He is a please to collaborate with.
Richard B.
Pleasure to work with you! Do get in touch if you need further help. Best of luck with your rewrites!
Gail P.

Gail P.

Sep, 2022

Richard gave great feedback, helpful suggestions and was very responsive. He's given me much to think about as I begin the editing phase. It was also very helpful that I read his book first ," Self-editing for Self-publishers: Incorporating—A Style Guide for Fiction," before I sent my manuscript to him as I was able to correct some issues on my own first that he mentioned in the Style Guide. Hi...
Read more
Richard B.
Thanks, Gail. A pleasure working with you. Best of luck with your book!
Perry W.

Perry W.

Mar, 2021

Richard was lovely to work with. I was unsure of what type of editing I needed and he clarified that for me right away so I wasn't spending a load of money on something I may not have needed. My age wasn't a problem to him and despite realising how difficult my manuscript was, he still completed the edit on time and with quality.

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