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Rachel Moulton – Editor

I am a fiction writer, a life-long educator, and an editor who works hard to help other writers find their voice.


I am a writer and an educator, and I have spent most of my career helping writers of all ages find their voice. The majority of my work has been in educational institutions where I've taught writing, been the primary mentor for literary magazines, and served on the board of writers' workshops. Additionally, I've worked with a number of published authors. In 2018, I turned my entire focus to editing, working also as a writing coach to individuals looking for motivation and inspiration. I have found that the greatest joy is seeing a book evolve, helping the writer grow through the process.

The bulk of my experience has been in helping writers find their voice. Shaping that voice is a journey that I am always honored to be asked to join. The trimming of text to focus on pace and strength of voice is one of my great joys, as is working on dialogue that is too bulky. Digging into the true meaning of a story and helping what is already on the page shine is a phenomenal experience.

“Rachel has saved my manuscripts time and again with her reliably insightful edits. I love her gentle but direct way of pointing out places to upgrade. I can rely on her to find pacing problems and let me see where my characters are not fully realized. Every writer needs a Rachel in their corner. If you’re neck-deep in a manuscript, whether early draft or final revision, I highly recommend her services.”— MARY CARROLL MOORE, AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF YOUR BOOK STARTS HERE, QUALITIES OF LIGHT, AND OTHER BOOKS

“I am grateful to have had Rachel’s keen eye on my manuscripts before I’ve sent them on to agents and editors. She is a wonder at finding the issues and missed opportunities in a story that I can no longer see myself. She is incredibly specific and honest, but delivers the feedback in a way that always leaves me jazzed with the possibilities for revision.”— KATRINA KITTLE, AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS, THE BLESSINGS OF THE ANIMALS, AND OTHER BOOKS

“I write primarily short stories and Rachel is an ideal editor for me, with great insights and comments to increase the depth of my characters and the storyline, as well as pace and rhythm of action. She astutely reminds me not to fall in love with certain words and phrases that are, or border on, the cliche. Rachel is a joy to work with.”— AV GORDON, FICTION WRITER

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  • MFA in Creative Writing

Work experience


Jul, 2018 — Present

I earned my B.A. from Antioch College and my M.F.A from Emerson College. My work has appeared in Beacon Street Review, Bellowing Ark, Chicago Quarterly Review, Cream City Review, Bryant Literary Review, Narrative, New Ohio Review, Southwest Review, and the Button Eye Review. Additionally, I have published nonfiction with Literary Hub. My debut novel—TINFOIL BUTTERFLY—was long-listed for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, and nominated for both a Shirley Jackson Award and a Bram Stoker. My second novel was releases in 2023 by MCDxFSG--THE INSATIABLE VOLT SISTERS.


Jun, 2018 — Present

I work with emerging and established authors to strengthen their books. Additionally, I help motivate writers, working with them to begin projects as well as see those same projects to completion. As a former Director of Communications, I enjoy crafting book synopses and query letters.

Narrative Magazine

May, 2009 — Present

I helped to establish the content of the magazine by reading and evaluating short stories, essays, and novel excerpts.

Antioch Review

Jan, 2003 — Dec, 2007 (almost 5 years)

Worked with editor to establish fiction content.

Antioch College

Sep, 2002 — Aug, 2004 (almost 2 years)

Edited biannual publications and the annual gift roster, worked on the website, fostered special projects, and acted as primary media contact.

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Artem D.

Artem D.

May, 2023

I had the pleasure to work with Rachel on my book, during my development editing stage she gave me some valuable feedback, pointed out things that I missed, clear my grammar, and in general helped to make my writing better.
Rachel M.
Thank you for sharing your work with me, Artem. I do hope I get to work with you again. It was a pleasure.
Jay Aye H.

Jay Aye H.

May, 2023

Working with Rachel was great! She provided in-line corrections to grammar and a thorough review of the strengths and weaknesses. My story is better after working with Rachel, and I will work with her again.
Justine L.

Justine L.

May, 2023

Rachel gave me detailed and actionable feedback on my query package. I would hire her again.
Margaret K.

Margaret K.

Apr, 2023

Rachel did a developmental letter for me, as well as specific edits on my literary fiction novel. Rachel's edits were intuitive and masterful. She pointed out where I lacked confidence in my own writing and overwrote. She highlighted parts of prose that she loved. She cut away parts that bogged my story down and hurt the pace. She read my story as an editor and as a reader, and I walked away f...
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Rachel M.
This review means so much to me--as does your work. I look forward to continuing to support you as a writer. So great to know you.
Rebecca S.

Rebecca S.

Mar, 2023

I had the impression that Rachel didn't put enough effort into my project. She didn't edit the text I'd asked her to review and also missed a few issues. For instance, on the third page of the text (a thriller) there is a line: "Maybe because he already knew what he had to do long before his conscious caught up to his unconscious." -- (unconscious usually refers to someone who is knocked ou...
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Rachel M.
I am so sorry you were unhappy with my work. It was an unusual request with a tight turn around. I did my best to support you and wish you well.