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Editor, Coach, and Book Champion. Love sci-fi, fantasy, adventure! Award-winning author of 40+ books. Let's make your book amazing!


Growing up, I wanted to be a Jedi. After all, who wouldn't want to be able to travel in space, use telekinesis, and do cool mind tricks? But seeing as how that wasn't going to happen, I spent my summers reading SFF books and teaching myself to program in BASIC on my Commodore 64. I loved losing myself in the worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, and Isaac Asimov. And I fell in love with mythology thanks to the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

In college, I pursued my engineering master’s degree, but I always had a love for storytelling and mysteries of the unknown. Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted to be an archaeologist, so in addition to engineering, I received a degree in history.

Why did I want to be an archaeologist? Because ancient history is all about stories. I first visited the King Tut treasures back in 1977. They’d stayed hidden for thousands of years, back from the time of myths. We didn't know everything that happened in ancient history, and that piqued my interest. There were stories wrapped up like the mummies tucked away in those tombs. I wanted to unwrap and discover those stories. So, after 15 years as an electrical engineer, I decided to pursue storytelling full-time. I’ve been writing since 2004 and plan to continue forever.

Now I’m the author of over 40 books for kids, teens, and adults. There is no greater joy than sharing my love of storytelling with the world. In addition to writing my own books, I have a passion for helping others. I would love the opportunity to work with you!

Your stories will always be your own. Editing isn’t about me taking everything you love in a story and changing it. But I can help you breathe life into your stories. I can help them become wondrous tales that will resonate with readers long after they put your book down.

I can’t wait to share my love of craft and storytelling with you and help you achieve all your dreams! Now let’s get your stories in the hands of readers!


"P. J.'s involvement was a big boost for my writing. She identified the urgency of my main character's story and pushed me to bring that forward." —Jonathan Sayer, YA author

"P.J. has opened my eyes to the craft and business of writing for children. Always positive and supportive, her guidance has been the force that's made my stories come alive!" —Kathy Sutphin, MG author


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: "An epically hilarious adventure, Snappy, anachronistic humor make this an entertaining, laugh-out-loud adventure. Recommend to fans of Percy Jackson." —SLJ

"Cleverly funny, rich in Egyptian history, intriguingly fast-paced. A story to beguile fans of modern-day mythology." —VOYA

"Solstice is one red-hot read—it intrigues, sizzles, and satisfies." —Cynthia Leitich Smith, NYT bestselling author

"[P.J.'s] confident deployment of myth is impressive." —Publishers Weekly

Action & Adventure Fantasy Middle Grade Middle Grade Fantasy Science Fiction Young Adult Fantasy
English (US)
  • Texas Lone Star List
  • Spirit of Texas Middle School List
  • YALSA BFYA Nominee
  • ABC Best Books for Children pick
  • Tristate Books of Note List
  • Follett First Choice Must-have Title
  • Mackin Compendium Title
  • Kansas NEA Reading Circle Catalog pick

Work experience


Oct, 2008 — Present

I'm the author of over thirty books for people of all ages published through a variety of means (traditional publishing, small press, self publishing, pseudonyms). I am actively involved in the writing community and have taught classes and participated in panels for many organizations across the country. My books have been selected for state lists both in and outside of Texas. For the last eight years, I have also participated as a judge in various writing contests. I have been editing manuscripts since 2008 and am always excited to offer feedback.
A note on my feedback: I won't hold back on my thoughts, as I think honest feedback is very important for writers to grow and learn.


Dec, 2004 — Present

P. J. (Tricia) wanted to be a Jedi, but when that didn't work out, she became an electrical engineer instead. After a fifteen year bout designing computer chips for a living, P. J. started creating worlds of her own. She's the award-winning author of The Hidden Code, a Da Vinci Code-style young adult adventure with a kick-butt heroine, and Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life, featuring a fourteen-year-old King Tut who's stuck in middle school. When not writing, P. J. spends time practicing kung fu, fixing things around the house, and solving Rubik's cubes.




Emily's Song


Only Half Human

Nathaniel W.

High school was hard enough for Lesley Robinson, and that was before she sprouted wings, a tail, and devil horns. She and her witch mother are forced to flee to Misty Hollow, a hidden haven for mythical creatures. As the only half-demon at her new school, Lesl... read more
The exciting adventures continue. Astar has grown to have unbelievable powers he can barely control. As a new terror rises from the depths, he is joined with the magical dagger, reuniting the final piece of the ancient God inhabiting him. Astar becomes the mos... read more
Reality Ali


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Rachael S.

Rachael S.

Sep, 2023

Highly recommend PJ!
P. J. H.
Thank you so much for the review, Rachael! I truly loved working on your story, and I can't wait to read future books! I'm also excited about the other ideas we brainstormed! Thank you again, and b...
Read more
Doudi P.

Doudi P.

Sep, 2023

Working with PJ was excellent. She was both flexible and professional. The work was carried out in a timely manor and provided me with worthwhile feedback on the Chapter I send for review. Once I had implemented her changes I found the flow was much improved, felt like I had a real book! I definitely would recommend her to others.
P. J. H.
Thank you so much for the lovely review! I've been thinking about your characters, wondering what would come next for them. I'm so glad the comments were helpful, and I really appreciate you lettin...
Read more
Ryan H.

Ryan H.

Sep, 2023

Not only did P.J.'s feedback help point me in the right direction(s), but they were given in both a timely manner, and in a way that didn't make me feel like I needed to defend myself. In short, I would be very surprised if I didn't end up working with her again in the future.
P. J. H.
Thank you, Ryan, for the review, and for letting me work with you on your story! It kept me entertained, and I loved working on it. I can't wait to see what comes next!
Catherine C.

Catherine C.

Sep, 2023

This was my second book with PJ. She's amazing! Catches tiny details and makes excellent suggestions. She's very professional and a pleasure to work with. I will be using her services again!
P. J. H.
Thank you so much, Catherine, for the review and for letting me work with you! Your books are so beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you create next!
David C.

David C.

Sep, 2023

P. J. Hoover is an enthusiastic, creative editor with a strong attention to detail and a keen sense of composition, direction and pacing. I would absolutely recommend and hope to work with her again!
P. J. H.
Thank you so much, David! Your story was so rich and filled with emotions and I can't wait to read more about the world you've created. Thank you again for letting me work with you on this!

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