Nuno Moreira

Nuno Moreira – Designer

Creative art director and designer with 15-year experience working for publishers and independent authors worldwide.


We are a professional design studio based in Lisbon offering creative services in Book / Editorial design for several publishing houses, small presses, and independent authors all over the world.

We believe every book is different and should be addressed in a precise manner.

Our approach to book design is very instinctive and enriched by strong communication with our clients.

Every project has different needs and may require the use of different materials or visual approaches (manually or digitally executed); always striving for the most enticing end results.

Our work is varied and emphasizes mood, setting, atmosphere, tension, color dynamics, and striking type arrangements, bringing to each project a particular attention to detail and a unique result.

We believe every book is different and should be addressed in a precise manner. A book cover should be individualized and hopefully imaginative. Most importantly, we believe books should be evocative and stimulant to the eye, therefore addressed beyond literalism.

We are available for book cover design and interior book design/typesetting.

All our designs are conceived after reading a manuscript and based on original artworks.

Art Biographies & Memoirs
Classics Dystopian Horror Mystery & Crime Poetry Short Story
  • AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers nomination
  • Adobe Certified Professional
  • Fine Arts
  • Cinema
  • Graphic Design

Work experience


Jul, 2007 — Present

Lisbon-based studio offering creative services in Book/Editorial Design, Illustration, and Photography.
Working with publishers and independent authors worldwide.



MacDonald Harris

Cover Design Illustration
Delilah, My Woman

M. F. Sullivan

A literary novel in the style of Nabokov, DELILAH, MY WOMAN follows Richard Vasko, a troubled artist whose pursuit of fulfillment unravels down a depraved and bloody path. Obsessed by two wome... read more
Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design Production Management
Thomas Gephardt is a world traveler. Or at least he would like to be one. Determined to leave the confines of his sheltered upbringing in the United States, he voyages to France to expand his ... read more
Cover Design
Bless the Child

Cathy Cash Spellman

Maggie O'Connor is a forty-two-year-old grandmother. She is also about to do battle with Satan... she just doesn't know it yet. Bless the Child What if your drug-addicted daughter left a newbo... read more
Cover Design
The Potency!

Ben Garrido

In a world turned upside down by the God of Potency's prancing dickishness – Queen Elizabeth II in orbit, the Dalai Lama partially digested – two heroes set out to restore natural order, overc... read more
Cover Design Illustration Typography
Book 4 in the award-winning Anna Kronberg series."Kronberg is a wonderful character, prickly, independent, analytical, intelligent..." A Bibliophile's ReverieWhat would you do if your darkest ... read more
Cover Design
You wouldn’t go to your doctor’s office and advise him on running his practice, or propose reforms for how a CEO ought to run his company. Yet every day, your neighbors, politicians, and busin... read more
Cover Design
TV in the Head

Kevin Tao Mohs

In the near future Personal Entertainment Devices (PEDs) are surgically implanted in infants soon after birth, creating a society consumed by the programs and messages being sent directly into... read more
Cover Design Typography
March 1945. The Japanese Imperial Army is retreating from Manila to the northern provinces of the Philippines. Lieutenant Takeji Nakamura and the men of the 15th Engineer Regiment have been or... read more
Cover Design
Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe is a book about mapping lives--the lives we are born with and the lives we are allowed to make for ourselves. Belief is part adoption narrative and part ... read more
Cover Design Illustration
By the time of his death, Herve Guibert had become a singular literary voice on the impact of AIDS in France. He was prolific. His oeuvre contained some twenty novels, including To the Friend ... read more
Cover Design
World of Vacancy

Charles Schmidt

Welcome to the sun-tortured streets of Arizona, a place where the darkest secrets get snagged on barbed wire and justice is as deadly as it is patient, a place where something supernatural is ... read more
Cover Design Illustration
Lue sits in the middle of the floor. Her hands tucked beneath her, her eyes closed and her head, faced down. The evil that haunts her is there and she knows she must sit completely still and a... read more
Cover Design
Dishrags to Dirtbags

Brooke Santina

When Beth Dolinsky's military husband returns from deployment with post-traumatic stress and gambles all their money away, this mousy, church-going housewife and mother of twin boys has to tak... read more
Cover Design Illustration
"A visceral and heart-wrenching cross between NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and SILENCE of the LAMBS."-Bestselling author Emlyn Rees“Wounded Prey is a non-stop thrill ride of a book. Unrelenting, bru... read more
Cover Design
The Carp Castle

MacDonald Harris

A sly, sexy, and profoundly haunting work, The Carp Castle is the story of a disparate group of strangers adrift and confused in the decade after the First World War. These haunted men and bro... read more
Cover Design

Nuno has 101 reviews





Francis Y.

Francis Y.

Apr, 2024

Great job as usual! Efficient and high quality. Many thanks Nuno team.
Kyle R.

Kyle R.

Mar, 2024

Nuno, was amazing to work with. He was very patient and attentive to all my requests. I highly recommend Nuno and his team.
Abby E.

Abby E.

Mar, 2024

Nuno was professional in my interaction with him and delivered ahead of schedule. He presented me with several options of book covers, and each had elements from my book. He took the time to read the novel and extract from it the symbolism and meaning that reflected on the final covers. I'm very happy with the final result and will definitely be reaching out to him again in the future.
Maren M.

Maren M.

Mar, 2024

Working with Nuno was a pleasure; his dedication to meeting our timeline and accommodating any corrections was exceptional. The quality of his work speaks volumes about his professionalism. We highly recommend him for his outstanding service and remarkable design expertise.
Francis Y.

Francis Y.

Feb, 2024

My advice is, do not delay, book Nuno today!! Nuno and his team supported me on creating cover design and type setting - from that experience I can not recommend him highly enough for the quality of his work. What I love about Nuno is he is genuinely committed to getting to the best outcome for the book, and that is the entire focus of his approach. Following his process with enormous creativ...
Read more

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