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Nick Hodgson – Editor

Experienced development and copy editor working in many genres: urban, epic, and classical fantasy, YA, literary fiction, historical, crime.


After graduating with a first class degree in Literature and Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, I pursued my love of language and books by going into publishing.

I have been working as a development and copy editor for more than fifteen years. My experience ranges from being the Asia Desk editor for an international news agency to writing a biography of Beyoncé. As a freelancer I have worked for prestigious (and exacting!) publishing companies, academics, and students all over the world, and now specialize in helping self-publishing fiction authors, especially first-timers. I have edited sets for stand-up comedians, children's stories about the misadventures of guinea pigs, and sci-fi featuring cannibals on the Moon.

I particularly enjoy working one on one with authors to help them develop their unique voice, make their text dynamic and compelling, and help them reach the audience they deserve.

The two services I most commonly offer are development editing and copy editing, but I am happy to offer proofreading and editorial assessment as well.

Here are a few testimonials from writers I have worked with:

"I am really impressed with the work you have put into it. I feel that your edit will certainly bring out the best in my novel."
PM, thriller writer

"Thanks so much for this—this is tremendous work. I’m very pleased with the final product and I have no questions or comments. Cheers and thanks for all your hard work!"
RS, science fiction writer

"Thanks so much for this and all the work you've done on the draft. Having been through the earlier parts I can see what an amazing job you've done on it all."
LT, thriller writer

One of my clients, the fantasy/YA writer Jessica Turnbull, wrote a blog post about her experience working with me: "Why Self Publishers Need a Professional Editor" (January 20, 2019).

I also have a long list of publishing clients, specializing in art history, history, design, fashion, illustration, photography, and business and management titles.
Action & Adventure Contemporary Fiction Dystopian LGBTQ Fiction New Adult Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
English (UK) English (US)
  • Editor of Fused by Dr James Manning, Winner of the Biography/Autobiography category at the New England Book Festival of 2016

Work experience


Jun, 2001 — Present

I am a freelance editor and proofreader working for book publishers, magazines, self-publishing authors, book packagers and academics. I work in both fiction and non-fiction.



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Kodi G.

Kodi G.

May, 2023

Nick was an awesome editor! As someone who's had several bad editor experiences in the past, I was hesitant to get an editor for a project I really cared about, but Nick was very professional and utterly encouraging in her feedback! The critiques she provided were clear and kind, and she offered potential solutions to every one, emphasizing her desire to help your work grow into something bette...
Read more
Melanie A.

Melanie A.

May, 2023

Nick was prompt and professional, and clear in her communication. She also compiled extra materials that kept track of world building details such as place names, which was very useful. A pleasure to work with.
Yhoni Y.

Yhoni Y.

May, 2023

I'm extremely happy with the work Nick has done. The price was a bit higher than I had budgeted for, but I feel it was well worth it. Utterly professional approach, high quality work. I was particularly impressed with the promptness of her replies and reactions. Nick is very responsive and clear in what you can expect. Her hard work has greatly improved my manuscript and she has given very th...
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Kieran M.

Kieran M.

Apr, 2023

My second time working with Nick. Brilliant as always. Constantly checking in, letting me know of progress, communicating effectively. Work itself is great. Nick lets you know ways you can improve, and doesn't sugar-coat things either. Will absolutely be working with Nick again!
Erik D.

Erik D.

Apr, 2023

This is my second time coming using Nick for her editing skills. Once again, she went above and beyond all expectations. Her incredibly keen eye catches everything, helping to eliminate errors and smooth out any clunkiness. What's more impressive to me, however, is her big-picture vision. She offered many powerful insights, highlighting ways my book could punch harder—and showcasing her fluency...
Read more