Michelle Newhart

Michelle Newhart – Editor

PhD social scientist and innovative thinker with nearly two decades of editing and publishing experience on nonfiction books and textbooks.


I am an editor with twenty years of experience in developmental editing, copy editing, and content development. I hold a PHD in sociology and am a textbook author in social science research methods. As an advanced subject matter expert in the social sciences, I have broad knowledge of theory and a special focus on health, culture, and methodology. Most of my work as an editor has been spent developing nonfiction books across a wide spectrum of genres that encompasses edgy pop culture books, lifestyle how-to books, academic social science crossover titles, and highly complex college textbooks in the social and behavioral sciences. I have worked in-house for Rowman & Littlefield, Quick Trading, and Cengage Learning.

As a freelancer, I have also developed fiction books in the humor, young adult, and adult literary genres. Having trained and worked as a college professor and instructional designer for college course development, I understand how to develop content that appeals to adult learners. I also have experience creating innovative learning materials such as digital courses, interactive and video course activities, and ancillaries such as question banks and slide decks. I have reviewed books for SAGE, Routledge, Westview Press, Oxford, W.W. Norton, and Pine Forge Press.

I've had my nose in a book since I was able to read. Books are my passion, my vocation, my obsession, and my hobby. I love to help authors create the best version of their ideas and I've spent over 20 years building the skills needed to do just that. I live near the San Gabriel mountains in southern California with my husband, stepsons, and dogs. My husband is also an editor and writer, and we enjoy road cycling together as a family.

Education & Reference Entertainment Health & Wellbeing Home & Garden Psychology Sociology Writing & Publishing
English (US)
  • 2020 Donald W. Light Award for the Applied or Public Practice of Medical Sociology (Medical Sociological section of the American Sociological Association)
  • Publishing
  • College Teaching
  • Online Teaching

Work experience

Mt. San Antonio College

Jun, 2015 — Present

Develop content and assessments across the curriculum; work with many education technology tools; train faculty online and in person; create templates and content for professors; run faculty and student surveys and collect qualitative data on various topics related to technology and learning to identify needs and gaps; create high quality learning experiences by using technology well and creating compelling rich content.

Cengage Learning

Sep, 2013 — Jun, 2015 (over 1 year)

Develop content for top-selling psychology and anthropology projects in digital and print media. Work closely with authors, freelancers, and internal teams for graphics, permissions, acquisitions, and marketing to deliver well designed and compelling learning experiences.

University of Colorado- Boulder

Aug, 2006 — May, 2013 (over 6 years)

Taught undergraduate sociology courses ranging in size from 5 to 75 students at the University of Colorado at Boulder, offering a survey of major topics in the discipline.


Jan, 2002 — Present

Together with my husband William Dolphin, we offer professional writing and editing services that have focused primarily (but not exclusively) on nonfiction books and website content development. Our repertoire leans toward the academic but includes technical and legal communications, informational campaigns and newsletters, and pop culture entertainment.


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