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Mary Beth Constant – Editor

Sensitive, seasoned copy editor dedicated to strengthening each author's particular voice


Copy editing is a subtle balancing act between the “rules” of grammar and style (which I’ve studied extensively) and the nuances of each author’s voice. I work hard to refine and clarify text while strengthening what makes it unique: each manuscript requires its own rules, its own exceptions. I strive for transparency when I suggest changes so that authors understand why I've made them and can make their own judgments about whether to accept or dismiss them.

I also believe strongly that good copy editing involves more than just tweaking punctuation and style. I read closely and carefully, taking notes along the way, and have a strong history of catching discrepancies, timeline problems, and other such issues—some minor, some more significant—that may need to be corrected or clarified. In my experience, authors tend to care far more about these matters than comma esoterica, so I take care to truly consider the substance of the text, not just the style.

When I work for major publishers, I rarely have direct contact with authors, but many of them have been so pleased with my work that they've requested me for their next manuscripts or asked my name so they could include me in their acknowledgments. Among these unsolicited tributes:

“I also want to thank Mary Beth C. for her witty, instructional care with my words.”

“I would also like to sincerely thank Mary Beth C. for her truly wonderful copyediting expertise. In addition to making it appear as if I actually know how to write proper English (hint: I don’t), I learned so many awesome things from her comments that I’m ninety-nine percent sure I will never lose in bar trivia ever again.”

“I genuflect to my copy editor, Mary Beth C., whose name I didn’t even learn until long after she’d swung her scythe. I thought I was good at catching grammatical errors and maintaining consistency of style; Mary Beth taught me how unreliable I actually was. I’m humbled, but grateful.”
—Jamie Bernstein, FAMOUS FATHER GIRL

“I’ve benefitted from the impressive observation skills of my copy editor (also a trained musician), Mary Beth C., who saved me from more than a few embarrassing blunders.”
—Nolan Gasser, WHY YOU LIKE IT

“Mary Beth C. performed miracles with my mountains of errors.”

“Mary Beth C. is, as a copyeditor, diligence itself.”
—Nicholas Delbanco, THE ART OF YOUTH

“Thank you to Mary Beth C., copy editor supreme, who took such deep interest, who read so closely, who saved me from my fast-typing self, who opined, and who made me laugh; your contribution to these pages is priceless.”

The selected books in my portfolio below give a glimpse of the wide variety of manuscripts I copy edit. I enjoy the variety and approach each manuscript with fresh eyes, eager to explore the new world within its pages.
Biographies & Memoirs History
Fantasy Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Women's Fiction
English (US)

Work experience


Jul, 2009 — Present

I work directly for major publishers but also take on manuscripts for indie authors excited about polishing their work to professional quality.

HarperCollins Publishers

Jun, 2006 — Oct, 2012 (over 6 years)

At HarperCollins, I hired and managed freelance copy editors, evaluated and emended their work, prepared it for review by authors, and incorporated authors' changes into the copy editing. This experience gave me considerable insight into how authors respond to copy editing—what is helpful and what is overstepping—and I strive to use that insight in my own work as a freelance copy editor.


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Amy F.

Amy F.

Jul, 2020

This is the second time I have used Mary Beth and I won't hesitate to use her again. She is extremely thorough and has a fantastic editing eye. Both my manuscripts were turned in on time and she is able to find even the tiniest discrepancies in work I've read over and over again and didn't see. She's very professional and really does a great job. Thanks again, Mary Beth!
Amy F.

Amy F.

Nov, 2019

Mary Beth is amazing! Based on her sample copy edit alone, I knew I wanted to hire her, and she didn't disappoint. In fact, she exceeded my expectations. There were times I thought she knew my novel better than I did as she's aware of the most minor detail. Some suggestions she made I was floored I had missed in the first place. Other suggestions made complete sense but weren't something I woul...
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Dave C.

Dave C.

Jul, 2019

After working with Mary Beth on the first novel in my Pigeon Grove series, there was never a doubt that I would return when my next book was ready for a professional editor's eyes. After my latest collaboration with her, I have only strengthened my belief that I need not search for another editor so long as Mary Beth is performing her magic on my words. She notices the tiniest details and enhan...
Read more
Dave C.

Dave C.

Dec, 2018

When I began tackling personal revisions for my second novel, a giant pink elephant sat in the middle of my authorial room. I needed an editor. Someone who understood what I was trying to accomplish through my intense portrayal of emotion. After searching internationally on Reedsy for that perfect someone, serendipity intervened after I found Mary Beth Constant less than an hour’s drive from my...
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Zack K.

Zack K.

Apr, 2018

I can't begin to express how pleased I am with the overall experience I had with Mary Beth. I'll start with the quote. She had my sample edit back to me within a day, detailing specific things she would be looking for in my manuscript since it had military jargon in it. Perfect. Just what I wanted to hear. I really needed someone that would tackle the military side of this edit and she did just...
Read more

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