Madison Schultz

Madison Schultz – Editor

Developmental editor and copyeditor with experience in memoir/biography, adult/YA/middle grade fiction, romance, and trade nonfiction.


My approach to editing can be summed up by an interaction I recently had with a first-time author. The manuscript, a young adult dystopia, had a lot of heart, but the structure, narrative, and language needed a great deal of work. As part of my developmental edit, I sent the author a fifteen-page edit letter with recommendations for everything from characterization to world-building. The author took a few of my suggestions at face value, but for the most part, my feedback inspired her to think more deeply about the world she'd made and come up with her own creative, innovative, and effective solutions.

As an editor, my goal is to work closely with you to help your book be the best possible version of itself, whether I'm offering broad strokes developmental feedback or copyediting for clarity and consistency. I've worked on memoirs and biographies, fiction for teens and adults, and even comics and poetry collections. Each project and author is unique and requires a customized approach; there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all in editing!

I'm most comfortable providing developmental editing for fiction, biography, and memoir, but I can and will copyedit just about anything! If your book is about dysfunctional families, food, or horses, I want to work on it.
Biographies & Memoirs Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Contemporary Fiction Contemporary Romance Middle Grade Fantasy Young Adult
English (US)

Work experience

Ooligan Press

Jun, 2018 — Jun, 2019 (about 1 year)

As Ooligan Press's managing editor, I shepherded books through every part of the editorial process, from developmental editing and copyediting to print and ebook proofreading. For each stage, I supervised a team of 4-10 student editors and provided quality control on all titles. I also worked directly with authors to communicate the team's feedback.


Sep, 2016 — Present

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Barbara J.

Barbara J.

Jan, 2023

Madison was very understanding when I had some unexpected delays, and she stayed in regular contact as we needed to communicate. We renegotiated our deadlines and finished on time.
nico A.

nico A.

Dec, 2022

Madison was a great help to me getting my first novel ready to publish on KDP. She met every deadline, was positive and helpful in her feedback, and was a great value. I would recommend her.
Elizabeth J.

Elizabeth J.

Oct, 2022

Madison was great to work with. I loved how she explained her reasoning on some of the proposed changes or gave me several suggestions for how to improve a sentence. Highly recommend and will be using her for my next book.
Chelsea J.

Chelsea J.

Sep, 2022

Madison was so helpful and made the process so easy!
Dara G.

Dara G.

Jul, 2022

Madison's feedback was invaluable! She is professional, reasonably priced, perceptive, and an excellent communicator!

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