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Lynn Post – Editor

Developmental editor, book coach, copy editor, proofreader; 10 years experience; specialties: historical fiction, action/adventure, memoir.



Since 2014, I have provided freelance editing and proofreading services to individual authors, publishing companies, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and large corporations, including Alaska Airlines, Holland America, Mountaineers Books, becker&mayer!, and Girl Friday Productions. Through Reedsy, I work with dozens of authors each year, many of whom have successfully published their books and regularly return to collaborate on their next project.

Through the editing certificate program at the University of Washington, taught by seasoned veterans of the industry, I learned the professional editing methods of traditional publishing houses. As a strong proponent of the indie market, I apply those same high standards and thorough processes whether working with self-publishing authors or those seeking traditional publication. In addition to my editing services, I provide guidance for first-time authors trying to navigate the (sometimes daunting) publishing process.


Before soliciting the services of any editors, I highly recommend Reedy's blog article "9 Types of Editing," which defines the various stages of the editing process ( Knowing which type of editing your manuscript is ready for will help your collaboration to begin much sooner and could potentially save you money and time.

Here are additional links with definitions and what to expect with each type of editing service that I provide:

Editorial assessment:

Developmental editing:

Copy editing:


Book coaching:


It’s also a good idea for authors to be aware of what to expect in terms of cost for various editing services. Reedsy provides a handy cost calculator that shows the average rates charged by editors based on book genre, word count, and type of editing ( Note that these are only averages, and many factors go into determining rates. Other reputable sources for editing rate charts are provided by organizations such as the Northwest Editors Guild and the Editorial Freelancers Association, which also includes an estimated pace for each type of editing (e.g., using 250 words/page, copy editing = 5 to 10 pages/hour; proofreading = 9 to 13 pages/hour), so you can calculate a range of how much to expect to pay based on the word count of your manuscript.


As a way to work within limited budgets, in addition to the basic services, I also offer some other options, such as a First 10K Review and one-time consultations. I also offer discounts to repeat clients.



Ideally, your writing sample should include something from the beginning, middle, and end sections of your manuscript to best determine how much time will be needed to complete the project.


If you’ve taken the time to read through all of this information, thank you! I look forward to hearing your unique story and providing the services you need to help turn your hard work into a publishable finished product!


Action & Adventure Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime
Biographies & Memoirs DIY & Crafts Nature Travel
English (US)
  • University of Washington Editing Certificate

Work experience


May, 2014 — Present

Book production and editorial services for indie & traditionally publishing authors: Developmental, Line & Copy Editing | Proofreading | Manuscript Critiques | Writing & Publishing Guidance | Book Coaching | Consultations


The Prancestor Project

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GOD & SPIES: Based on a True Story. Author GM Matheny was a US Navy saturation diver on the nuclear submarine USS Halibut. Involved in Operation Ivy Bells. America's most important (and most dangerous of the Cold War) clandestine operations. If you like espion... read more
Hop on a roller-coaster ride of comedy and tragedy and suspense. Follow the lively dips and turns of characters who are as real as your next-door neighbors.
After the sudden loss of her husband, Joe, Nora Cooper makes a startling discovery: shortly before his death, Joe secretly sold their newly purchased dream home on Martha’s Vineyard, where the couple had planned to retire.Nora doesn’t know what to think. As sh... read more
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Lynn has 36 reviews





Gloria A.

Gloria A.

Dec, 2023

Clear, concise notes. Good, constructive feedback.
g M.

g M.

Sep, 2023

Can't do it without her.
g M.

g M.

Jun, 2023

My hero.
Ric B.

Ric B.

Apr, 2023

Since the project isn't complete yet, my comments are based on limited work, although the first round edit is complete. Also, I haven't been able to open the edited manuscript for some reason. What I can say at this point is that what I've seen of Lynn's work is excellent, well-explained, and she's been wonderful to work with.
Benson B.

Benson B.

Mar, 2023

She had so many good suggestions on the first go-round, I picked her for a second review of the ms (there were LOTS of changes), and I was very happy, and challenged by, her insights.

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