Laurel Shelley-Reuss

Laurel Shelley-Reuss – Designer

I am a professional illustrator and comic artist who creates magical worlds for audiences to wander into.


I am a professional illustrator and comic artist living in the Los Angeles area, with experience illustrating covers and interior illustrations for fantasy works in particular. I love to create whimsical environments and I particularly strive to convey story and meaning in every illustration while maintaining a sense of wonder and magic through the use of color and lighting.

Outside of freelance, I work doing illustration for corporate marketing efforts and interactive apps, and have a little bit of animation magic up my sleeves for digital work.

In my spare time, I also draw a tabletop roleplaying webcomic, bake a lot of desserts and endure watching my favorite baseball team lose every season. I'm always excited to work with authors as I am an avid reader--I want to know as much about the book I'm illustrating for as possible and I'm equally obsessed with finding new stories.
Comics & Graphic Novels Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Romance

Work experience


Sep, 2019 — Oct, 2022 (about 3 years)

Illustration lead for Lifeomic’s Life Ascent platform and illustrator for Lifeology courses, focused on creation of illustrations for the Life Ascent 13 month intensive course program as well as oversight and task management of contract illustrators who assisted on the project. Created and oversaw implementation of the illustrative style for Life Ascent with feedback from content creators and medical experts, collaborated with other designers on small animations and social designs.

Vensure Employer Services

Jan, 2019 — Sep, 2021 (over 2 years)

Illustration for Vensure and 20+ partner companies (including Agency Matrix, WeWork, CoreID Services, Agent Alive, Insured Solutions, Harbor America, Solvo, and more), focused on character illustrations and breakdowns, backgrounds and spot illustration for short animated commercials and animated social media campaigns as well as illustration for print materials. Work also includes layout and graphic design for print and web, as well as brand, logo and web design.


Dec, 2013 — Present

Created, penciled, inked and colored the graphic novel Olive Peril through Arcana Studios, Inc and three webcomics, Olive Peril (2008-2012), Chorus of the Neverborn (2010-2019) and The Handbook of Heroes (2015-Present). Character design, panel layout, background and prop design and concepts including costuming and character turnarounds.

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