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Larry O'Connor – Editor

Developmental Editor with 30 years of experience guiding seasoned and debut authors in memoirs and novels, from concept to publication.


I am a former Columbia Graduate School of Journalism teacher who can help you find your voice and realize your dream of being a published author. With a system I call "Yes, No, Maybe," I review manuscripts on what is best to keep, what to remove and what to reconsider. The proof is in the reviews: The testimonials and the author comments underscore how this technique has worked -- with both commercial fiction and memoirs -- to bring the story forward by helping to unclutter the writing and make the work the very best it can be. I've also a seasoned eye for line editing and making the right word choice in a way that deepens prose while not intruding on your style.

What's more, for the past two decades I have worked as in-house editor on novels and memoirs written by Doubleday award-winning author, Mary Morris. I started in that role after publishing my own memoir, TIP OF THE ICEBERG, which was shortlisted for the William Saroyan literary prize, and my novel, THE PENALTY BOX. I also am editor of the best-selling VIRAGO BOOK OF WOMEN TRAVELLERS.

Consider this your one-stop shop for editorial services. I can't wait to help you conquer the big stuff and the small in your work, whether it be a memoir, a contemporary novel, a thriller or a straight-ahead book of nonfiction.


"Larry is a brilliant editor, able to read on the micro-level but also someone who can really see the forest through the trees. He has helped me shape and revise my books during the past two decades. Larry is a smart, focused professional with a firm but gentle hand who is very responsible and always on time. I would not have the career I have today were it not for him." -- Mary Morris, Doubleday's acclaimed author of novels "Gateway to the Moon," "The Jazz Palace" and travel narrative classic "Nothing to Declare"

"Until recently, I've only had experience working with publishing company editors, and when I decided that I wanted a keen and objective editorial eye on a draft of a new novel I've been working on, I went to Larry. He is highly responsive and timely, but even more important to me was his complete engagement with my novel and his ability to see both the big picture and the nuances in the work. His notes and suggestions were wonderfully cogent, specific, and useful. It was my first time working with Larry, but it won't be my last."

-- Cherise Wolas, acclaimed author of "The Resurrection of Joan Ashby" and "The Family Tabor"

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Work experience


Feb, 2021 — Present

I have worked as an editor -- from proofreading to developmental and structural editing -- on the many works of fiction and nonfiction by Doubleday award-winning author Mary Morris, over the past two decades. In addition, since July 2020, I've been working as a book doctor -- from structure to character development to copy editing -- on novels in progress.

New York Post

Jan, 2012 — Jul, 2020 (over 8 years)

This position was a writing-editing-graphic hybrid in which I not only served as copy chief but rewrote stories when necessary, working with columnists, graphic artists, writers and editors to create daily graphics, headlines and captions at the award-winning New York Post. Here I developed expertise in the following areas: corporate media, commercial real estate, personal technology, high finance and economics. In addition, I worked as Post Business copyeditor with responsibility for the frequently hysterical and always original daily graphics.

Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

Sep, 2004 — Jun, 2008 (over 3 years)

I was an adjunct professor responsible for developing and editing graduate student work that was published widely through the Columbia News Service.


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O'Connor, Larry

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Paul B.

Paul B.

Jun, 2024

This is the second time I've worked with Larry and I'm glad I came back. I revised my manuscript based on his suggestions the first time, and this second review, with his previous knowledge of the manuscript, allowed us to see whether I fixed what needed fixing without breaking anything else.
Larry O.
Thanks, Paul. It was a most satisfying experience for me, and I simply can’t wait to read the results of all this hard work you’ve put in.
Paul B.

Paul B.

May, 2024

It was an amazing experience working with Larry on my novel! He provided an extensive report that has been and continues to be an excellent guide for further revisions. He has taught me specific problems to look for when revising in order to make my story better. We finished with a Zoom call that answered all the questions I had after reading his assessment and allowed us to talk about what the...
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Larry O.
Wow -- I am speechless, which is saying something for me :). It was in every way the ideal collaboration. Best possible world for me as a Reedsy editor: to be excited about seeing what Paul Bruno d...
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Lauren C.

Lauren C.

Aug, 2023

Larry was the highest priced editors I considered on Reedsy for the editorial assessment of my memoir, and he was worth it. He gave me a thorough assessment with great insights into what was missing, what needed reworking, lots of encouragement, and solid pointers about how to proceed with my final rewrite. I feel so much more confident about my project now. I couldn't wait to get to work incor...
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Larry O.
Thank you so much for these kind words about your very special memoir, INDEPENDENCE AVE, Lauren. They mean so much to me; will definitely be looking for this published title in the days ahead. All...
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Marc-David M.

Marc-David M.

Jul, 2023

Larry provided an extremely useful editorial assessment of my manuscript. He provided the right measure of encouragement and was clear on areas for improvement. His list of suggested authors to reference was gold.
Olga C.

Olga C.

May, 2023

My request to Larry was to have my query letter edited. I found him to be extremely professional and personable. He responded to my request and questions in a very thoughtful way. Although it was only the query letter that I was asking him to help with, he also looked at my manuscript so that he could give his feedback more effectively. He gave me good and useful feedback and was very supportiv...
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