Kim Catanzarite

Kim Catanzarite – Editor

Developmental and copy editor who has worked on 100s of titles, fiction and non, traditional and self-published, debuts and bestsellers.


If you’ve written a book, it’s an exciting time in your life. It’s also a little scary. You’ve worked really hard and you want the best for your manuscript. You know that you need some help preparing your book before it’s ready to make its big debut. That’s where I come in.

I’ve been a professional editor since 1988, when I began my career in a NYC publishing house as an assistant whose favorite task was to read the slush pile. Since that time, I've been a writer and an editor for newspapers, magazines, and books. I’ve edited manuscripts for companies like Random House, Better Homes and Gardens, F+W Media, Ten Speed Press, and for big-name authors such as Hallie Ephron, Donald Maass, James Scott Bell, K.M. Weiland, and Chuck Wendig. It's my life's work, and I love doing it. In addition, I'm an online instructor for Writer's Digest University (since 2015).

As a freelance editor, I work with all types of writers, beginners to best sellers. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, you and your book can benefit from my work as a developmental and/or copy editor. I specialize in the following fiction and nonfiction genres:

Middle grade, young adult, new adult; thrillers; contemporary fiction; memoir and travel memoir; writing craft, and more.

As a DEVELOPMENTAL editor, I'll give you the honest, friendly feedback you long for and help you see what’s so very hard to see: the strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript. Not only will I point out where the writing falls flat and scenes don’t add up, I'll also apply my knowledge of story structure and query all murky moments and things that seem out of place.

In addition, I'll make suggestions when characters need to dig deeper and/or engage in self-reflection. I’ll tell you when I laughed out loud and when I cried. Most important, I’ll give you advice for strengthening your manuscript as a whole.

A developmental edit is always a huge eye-opener for writers—and an important part of the publishing process. Anyone who plans to publish should hire a content editor no matter how many revisions they've done on their own.

Those who have already had their manuscript edited for content are ready for a COPY EDITOR. For this phase, I use my sharp eye to weed out grammatical and spelling errors, identify and smooth clunky wording, and make sure your writing follows Chicago style (most book publishers’ stylebook standard). If you’re worried about your use of commas, semicolons, and quotation punctuation, never fear. I know the rules inside and out.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you’ll send me a request.

Biographies & Memoirs Writing & Publishing
Coming of Age Contemporary Fiction Middle Grade
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 1994 — Present

Provide copyediting and content editing services to book publishers and individual authors. Edit copy for grammar, spelling, mechanics, voice, and consistency according to publisher's style and Chicago Manual of Style. Apply knowledge of story structure, character arcs, pacing, conflict, etc., and provide suggestions for rewrites. Clients include Better Homes and Gardens Books, Ten Speed Press, Writer's Digest Books, North Light Books, Krause Publications, Lark Books, and writers seeking agent representation as well as those who plan to self-publish.

Writer's Digest University

Jan, 2015 — Present

Teach three online courses on the topic of copyediting for Writer's Digest University. Two of the courses I wrote in full.


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Adele G.

Adele G.

Jul, 2022

Loved working with Kim-- her notes were insightful and helpful, she connected me to smart ways to revise the material, she is an excellent communicator and the manuscript is better for her careful thought.
Kim C.
Thank you, Adele! That is wonderful to hear. It was truly my pleasure. Best of luck to you!
Risa N.

Risa N.

Feb, 2021

Kim's work was excellent. Her edits and suggestions certainly made my manuscript better. So happy to work with her. Recommend her highly.
Kim C.
Thank you, Risa! It truly was my pleasure to read your book and work with you. I wish you the very best of luck!
David H.

David H.

Oct, 2020

I worked with Kim on my first book, a nonfiction travel narrative. Kim was professional and timely in all respects. She added value to my book by pointing out obvious, as well as not so obvious, opportunities for improvement. My book, Free From the Grind: A Cross-Country Bicycle Adventure, is much more readable thanks to Kim’s contributions.
Kim C.
Thank you, David. I appreciate your feedback. It was a pleasure to work with you and read your book, and I wish you the very best!
Joe S.

Joe S.

Sep, 2020

My experience with Kim was nothing but positive. She's prompt, has great attention to detail, and is easy to work with. If you're looking for a true professional, look no further.
Kim C.
Thanks so much, Joe! It truly was my pleasure. I'm looking forward to seeing it in print!
Kit M.

Kit M.

Apr, 2020

This is my second time working with Kim, and I can certainly say that it's been one of the most satisfying experiences I've had collaborating with someone. Kim is a detailed editor, concise communicator who is able to let the writer's voice shine through the manuscript in the best way possible. Her edits and notes provide valuable insight into various elements of the story such as character an...
Read more
Kim C.
Thank you for your kind words! Your revision is amazing, and I'm really impressed with what you've done. Revision isn't easy and you definitely have a talent for it. I look forward to seeing what y...
Read more

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