Ross Angelella

Ross Angelella – Editor

Editor w/20+ years experience, specializing in literary, contemporary, romance, historical, sci-fi, supernatural, crime, thriller and YA.


EDITING. For the past 10 years, I have been professionally editing novels, working with various agents and publishing houses including Random House and Simon & Schuster, to bring exciting narratives into focus. I offer in-depth and honest critiques to writers, looking to elevate their stories. I am particularly interested in working with literary fiction as well as genre fiction, including romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller and crime.

TEACHING. I teach creative writing at the University of Maryland College Park where I also direct Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House, a literary center for the study of creative writing across cultures and languages and serve as screenwriting faculty in the Electronic Media & Film department at Towson University.

WRITING. I am the author of the irreverent and twisted coming-of-age novel Zombie (2012). My award-winning short fiction has appeared in various journals, including Hunger Mountain, Sou’wester, The Literary Review, Coachella Review, and Southampton Review. My original screenplays have won numerous awards, most recently “Best Comedy Short Script” at the Houston Comedy Film Festival (2020) and “Best Characters in a Screenplay” at the Baltimore Next Media Web Fest (2022) and my short screenplay Nemesis is currently in-development.


"Ross is extremely personable and has a positive way of presenting his comments and criticisms. I highly recommend his services. When the edits and suggestions were done, we met via Skype and talked about how the idea for my novel came about, then reviewed all his editorial notations, as well as principles and examples of good dialog, reworking the point of view in one section, and ideas for rewriting certain portions of the manuscript to improve overall flow and find means other than dialog for ‘showing’ the story and moving it forward. Ross took the time to answer all my questions."

-Ernestine B. Colombo, Author of 'Returning Souls: A novel'

“A professional to the last dot and dash—Ross thoroughly and effectively edited my manuscript. He provided balanced and specific direction for filling the voids where plot or dialogue fell short. His feedback was genuine and unfiltered, and he instinctively had an uncanny ability to understand my writer’s voice. I would highly recommend Ross’ professional and compassionate approach to the editing process.”

-Sharon CassanoLochman, Author of 'Man with the Sand Dollar Face: A novel'

"Ross’ critique was thorough, respectful, and thought-provoking. Everything I’d hoped it would be. I knew there was something 'off' with my manuscript, as I’d received rejections that indicated I was close, but not quite there. I needed Ross to help me identify my manuscript’s weaknesses; he made great suggestions. A revision can be overwhelming, but Ross’s approach—breaking down his editorial letter into distinct topics—helped me devise a plan. I especially appreciate Ross’s suggestion to slow the pace of the reveal and get more into the mindset of my main character, as painful as that might be. I highly recommend Ross and would work with him again."

-Kathleen Blasi, Author of 'Aftermath: A novel'

Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Horror Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Young Adult
English (US)
  • The Coachella Review - Short Story Grand Prize (2012)
  • Houston Comedy Film Festival - Best Dark Comedy Short Script (2020)
  • Baltimore Next Media Webfest - Best Characters in a Screenplay (2022)
  • University of Maryland College Park - Professional Track Faculty Teaching Award (2019)
  • MFA in Fiction Writing (Bennington College, 2009)
  • BA in English Literature & Creative Writing (Ithaca College, 2002)

Work experience

University of Maryland College Park

Jun, 2023 — Present

A campus-wide literary center for the study of creative writing across culture, the JPWH director’s responsibilities are to teach for the program and advise students; respond to student concerns and operational needs; set policy as needed. Oversee all program operations, including budgetary oversight and reporting in consultation with ARHU Dean’s office. Coordinate all recruitment and admissions activities. Maintain website and outreach communications as per current practice. Oversee scheduling, curriculum, and any relevant development in collaboration with the ARHU Dean’s Office. Develop and implement co-curricular programming, in collaboration with the Creative Writing faculty in the Department of English and the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Work with Resident Life and Facilities Management, as needed, to address classroom, equipment, or living space issues. Recruit, hire, and supervise program staff, including Associate Director and Graduate Assistants

Towson Univeristy

Jan, 2016 — Present

Teach students to write fiction scripts for film through both lecture, film screenings and intense workshopping of material. Course Objectives: to understand the basic vocabulary of film and video production; recognize the script’s role within the overall goals of production; comprehend the attitudes necessary for successful script writing; understand the appropriate formats for specific projects; develop strategies for conceptualizing a project in visual terms; develop a writing style that has simplicity and clarity; analyze and order scripts into appropriate sequencing; understand dramatic elements as they apply to script writing; adapt materials from other media to the needs of film and video.

University of Maryland, College Park

Aug, 2014 — Present

Educate students on professional writing rhetorical strategies and skills required for effective workplace writing and communication necessary for success in their careers, such as how to identify and analyze audiences; establish credibility; research topics in a specific professional discipline; and write and edit for readability and suitability to audience and purpose. Course objectives: to understand how writing contributes to students’ formation as professionals; to understand the various roles that documents play in their particular field; to research the genres and styles particular to their intended career field; to design projects that exemplify a particular genre and style; to craft sentences, paragraphs, sections, chapters, visual complements, and entire documents for maximum clarity and accessibility to a specific, declared audience; to collaborate with others in evaluating and improving one another’s work; to integrate visual rhetoric into documents; and to develop documents for employment and professional school applications.

Gotham Writing Workshop, New York City

Jan, 2010 — Aug, 2012 (over 2 years)

Introduction to Creative Writing; Fiction Writing I; Fiction Writing II | Beginning, intermediate and advanced fiction writing programs offering a blend of workshops, writing sessions and lectures devoted to the fundamentals of fiction writing, inspiring students to experiment with new approaches and modes of creativity. Focused on student and professional work, emphasizing the critical reading of appropriate literary models, both historical and contemporary that demonstrate exemplary technique. Examined craft in practice, specifically story structure, point of view, character development, voice, tense, figurative language, dramatic setting, dialog and the ethics of writing fiction. Students also worked with revision, reflection, and rewriting techniques to complete and polish their short fiction.


Jun, 2009 — Present

Ross has been a freelance writer since 2009, penning numerous work-for-hire manuscripts, including three Nancy Drew mysteries under the pen name Carolyn Keene and one Hardy Boys Clue Book under Franklin W. Dixon. He also has been a freelance editor since 2015 when his wife, Kate, founded a full-service craft-based editing agency, providing professional, in-depth and honest critiques to writers across multiple platforms. She specializes in editing Young Adult, New Adult and Literary fiction as well as genre fiction, including: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller and Crime fiction. The mission is simple: working with writers to develop their skills, hone their craft, and discover their own unique voice.



Divia, J.K

Developmental Editing

J.R. Angelella

A zombie movie-obsessed teen is forced to face a dark family secret in this shocking debut literary novel from a talented new author. Fourteen-year-old Jeremy Barker attends an all-boys Catholic high school where roving gangs of bullies make his days a living ... read more
AMAZON #1 NEW RELEASE AND #1 BESTSELLERLife in the middle of a big city can be scary. Lily, a young professional living alone in Houston during the mid-1980s, experiences a frightening brush w... read more
Developmental Editing
When you view 30 as a death sentence, your time is always running out. Such is the predicament of the narrator and Whitney--his long-term girlfriend/ballast/sparring partner. They learn to coexist in a relationship addled by alcohol, drugs, and infidelity. Whe... read more
A quirky widow in her early sixties takes her first job ever in a private investigator's office. Arriving early she discovers an agitated man waiting at the door. He insists he must see the PI... read more
Developmental Editing
Returning Souls

Ernestine B. Colombo

AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER with 5-STAR LITERARY TITAN REVIEW Evie D'Arico is just like any other 67-year-old retiree until a sudden stroke puts her life in jeopardy, and catapults her soul through m... read more
Developmental Editing
America's premiere literary quarterly explores themes of domination, politics, the public mind, the literary sensibility, and where imagination locks horns with free will. There are poems, stories, essays, gun shows, tennis matches, bad diets, and blizzards. R... read more
Detective brothers Frank and Joe must solve another intriguing mystery in the fifth book in the interactive Hardy Boys Clue Book series.Frank and Joe are excited for the class trip to Bayport Bear Park. When they arrive, the entire class is greeted with a beau... read more
It's time for the final ceremony of the River Heights Celebration, where four candiates are going for the Mahoney Scholarhip. All four are equally qualified--and equally worthy suspects behind the strange occurances that have been happening at the carnival. Ar... read more
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Carolyn Keene's iconic girl detective Nany Drew's cases are more mysterious than ever with three-book arcs!
Who Done It?

Jon Scieszka

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Ky O.

Ky O.

Apr, 2024

At first glance Ross’ fourteen page (single spaced) critique looked daunting. But after reading in detail I appreciated his comments, suggestions, and ideas. He’s honest, candid, and thorough in his work. In addition to specifics, he provided a bevy of material regarding plot arc, character development, and the like. More importantly, his suggestions – both big picture and line edits – are help...
Read more
Ross A.
Thanks, Ky. You are an ideal client and one I love collaborating with!
Ryan O.

Ryan O.

Jun, 2019

Ross was very professional, and in my opinion, affordable. I chose him because he offered, not only the cheapest price, but because he was the ONLY one who sent me a sample of the edits he wished to make. He and I also had a face to face chat via Facetime, which really helped me to better understand his edits, and to better improve my story over all. I would highly recommend him to anyone looki...
Read more
Ross A.
Thank you, Ryan. I am humbled by this. It was a pleasure working with you as well.
Michael M.

Michael M.

Aug, 2022

Joseph read through my entire manuscript and gave me a 17 page editorial letter detailing elements of my story that needed to be adjusted and improved. He was professional and available. His knowledge and input helped elevate my storyline, and made me a better writer.
Ross A.
Thank you so much, Michael. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and wish you all the best with your Lycan.
Nega G.

Nega G.

Aug, 2020

I was a bit nervous when I signed a contract with Ross. I was not sure what value I get from his developmental edit services. I was even more perturbed when I heard nothing until the delivery of his feedback. I am glad I made that choice. His feedback was thorough, honest, educational, insightful, professional, informational, and affirmation to my potentials. I received great suggestions, recom...
Read more
Peter F.

Peter F.

Jul, 2020

I have been very impressed with Ross. I got what I asked for, written in a manner for a new guy to understand. He has opened so many gates and manners to write what I want.
Ross A.
Thank you, Peter. This is a humbling review. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your novel.

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