Jonathan Hällmayer

Jonathan Hällmayer – Designer

Experienced communication designer driven by a profound love for literature. I’m here to help bring your stories to life. Let’s do this.


I have been working as a designer for more than 15 years. After studying communication design in Munich and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in London I continued to lead my own companies as both managing partner and owner. I am currently based in Munich and speak both English and German fluently.

As a book designer, I understand the intricate dance between bold typography, minimal design principles, and colourful imagery that results in visually stunning and immersive reading experiences. Whether you’re an established author or a debut writer, I tailor my designs to match the tone and essence of your narrative, ensuring that every page resonates with your unique voice. From captivating and colourful minimalistic cover designs to meticulously crafted layouts that optimise for readability, I offer a blend of creativity and expertise.

Let me transform your manuscript into an exceptional piece that captivates readers and leaves an indelible mark. Your story deserves nothing less than the best presentation, and I'm here to make that a reality.

🎉 Since I’m rather new to the platform and currently looking to expand my portfolio, I'm willing to offer heavy discounts for Cover Designs!

How I work:

🔎 Analysis

Every cooperation starts with attentive listening, informing and researching. After all, in order for the design to have its maximum effect, it must fit perfectly with the product. For this purpose, I read manuscripts and exchange ideas intensively with the author.

✍️ Ideation & Creation

I develop a creative vision and a design concept. In doing so, I generate ideas that I visualise using typography, colours and graphics. With attention to detail, but without losing sight of the big picture. Lastly, I present my ideas and get valuable feedback.

💻 Implementation

Every idea is only as good as its execution. That’s why I rely on a combination of creativity and precision in my work. In addition, I look for the most sustainable production possible, which ensures that the entire design process is environmentally conscious and resource-friendly.

Architecture Art Children’s Non-Fiction Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Design
Science Fiction
  • BA Graphic Design, Middlesex University London
  • Communication Designer, Blocherer Schule München

Work experience


Apr, 2022 — Present

As Creative Director, I create cover and interior designs for several print products, including magazines, brochures and books for a wide range of clients. Relevant projects include “Everything Is A Choice”, editorial design for a property focused on sustainability and ecological self-reliance, and Tegernseer Tal Magazine, a bi-yearly magazine that centres around local culture and stories from the region.

Soul Markenagentur

Jun, 2018 — Apr, 2019 (10 months)

Manufaktur Design München

Jan, 2015 — Jun, 2018 (over 3 years)

During my time as Managing Partner at Manufaktur Design München, I oversaw a great deal of corporate design and editorial design projects, including “Die Kochgarage – Das Kochbuch”, an extraordinary cookbook aimed at experimental cooks, and “It’s not so bad!”, a large-format gallery newspaper for a renowned art house.


Jan, 2005 — Jan, 2014 (about 9 years)

As a freelance Communication Designer, I got my start working on a few select editorial design projects where I extended my knowledge of paper and finishing techniques.


Jan, 2003 — Jan, 2004 (about 1 year)

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